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Listen to God

Focus: Isaiah 55:3 - KJV

3. Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David.

Psalms 78:1-8

One of the reasons the Lord picked Abraham to be the progenitor of the Savior is because of his mind to teach his household unto generations, everything he learns from and of the Lord. That is necessary so that the knowledge of the Lord and His will is not lost because of the demise of men from generation to generation. It is not that the Lord did not show to other people who brought about nations, as God is not partial. But, true to type, they were not able to pass down what they learnt to generations. It is either completely lost or adulterated. The essence of all of it is that mankind may learn from their forebears about the living God and hearken to Him who knows better about the earth and its operation.

Invariably, to live on earth successfully, it is important to receive instructions and directions from God. There is a force over the earth that seeks to put humans and indeed the entire creatures in peril. It is a trap. To navigate and escape the trap, we need the Lord to guide us. When we survive the trap, then we qualify for an everlasting covenant. Such covenant gives us eternal life to the extent that we inherit the reins of the earth and dwell in the presence of our God forever more. That, just like He did with David that He promised him a descendant on his throne forever, and it is so till date.

Beloved, we need to understand God by His word for His word is eternal and true. They are brought down to us from generation to generation and has never failed till now. The things that appear not to be right in our journeys of life may be traceable to not hearkening to the word of God. Where we hearken, He is true and will not allow His word to fall to the ground. There is no lie in Him to lie. The earlier we start to imbibe His word for direction and instruction in holiness, the better our lives shall be.

SOLUTION: God is still speaking up till now and His words today do not contradict the truth that He had spoken before. Seek the truth and stand in it for in it lies freedom from the traps set on earth by the enemy.

Please pray thus: Father, as I hold on to your word, please teach me to succeed in the journey of life in Jesus’ name. Do purge me of every lie the enemy had pumped into me pretending it to be the truth, and reload me anew with your truth by your Spirit and your word in Jesus’ name. I pray that you please bring me to the place of eternal covenant with you in Jesus’ mighty name.

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