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New Year, New Hope!

Focus: Luke 12:32 - KJV

32. Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Matthew 21:1-9

Happy New Year beloved! May this new year bring unto everyone here the best of God’s blessings in Jesus’ name.

Ever since creation, only a few people end up trusting and loving God, in every generation. Even the generation that witnessed the advent of Christ was not different. Although they saw Him, witnessed His miracles, heard His words and promises, yet only a negligible few whom He called the little flock, believed and held on to the promise of the Kingdom. This is glaring if we peep into His triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The prophet Zechariah had told the Jews that God would give them another like Moses, who will rescue them from bondage and that this their king, as a sign, would ride on a colt. On this fateful day, after having taught the little flock about all things and His imminent departure, He rode on a colt to the feast at the Passover. Before He got on the colt, His disciples, who treasured Him most and belonged to the little flock, spread their clothes on the colt for their Lord to sit on. Some others who also loved the Master and would give sacrificially for His course, laid their clothes on the ground for Him to ride on. Many others, who were not ready to give anything that would cost them something, went to cut nearby palm fonts and laid them down. Then the multitude, including those who neither gave clothes nor palm fonts, but believing He was set to redeem them from the Roman empire of the time, sang His praise just for what they believed they would get. But His Kingdom is not of this world. So, when the rulers of the Jews got provoked by His acts depicting fulfilment of prophesies as king of the Jews, they got hold of Him and handed Him over to Pilate, the Roman lord. Upon seeing that the one they thought had come to fulfil prophesy had been held prisoner by His supposed first victim, the praise singers changed their tune from ‘Hosannah’ to ‘crucify him’. But those who trusted Him renewed their hope for the Kingdom and in the end, received the Holy Ghost of the Kingdom.

In this new year, many will still pay lip service unto God for what they want from Him. And when they seem not to get it, they will grumble and turn their backs on Him. Please don’t be one of them. Others will not trust or love Him well enough to want to give sacrificially towards His course. Don’t be one of those either. But some others will trust and serve Him in Spirit and in truth laying down their worth for His purposes. These are the little flock that the Father has promised the Kingdom to. Will you be counted among? They are the ones who, this year and going forward, will enjoy heaven on earth.

SOLUTION: Serve the Lord from now on for who He is and not necessarily for the benefits you desire from Him. He prides in those who trust Him to the end even in the face of odds.

Father, we thank you for making us to be alive in this new year. Please help us to walk genuinely with you throughout in Jesus’ name. Every spirit that makes it difficult for men to give sacrificially to your course, please cut them off from us in Jesus’ name. As we got all we have from you, don’t let it be difficult for us to give back to honor you in Jesus’ name. Please, let this year be the best we have witnessed so far by giving us the heaven on earth experience, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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