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No Sharing God’s Glory

Focus: Isaiah 42:8 - KJV

8. I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

Isaiah 48:9-11

The memory of man is quite short to the extent that when he becomes wealthy or affluent, he forgets quickly where he rose from. For instance, Saul was a wanderer looking for negligible number of animals when God took him and made him king over Israel. When he had settled down as king controlling large wealth, he forgot suddenly to the extent that God had to remind him through the mouth of Samuel. He had become too big to follow God’s instruction. When David was at the backside of the desert, he appropriated nobody’s wife. But when he became king, at a time he should be in battle to defend God’s people, he stayed back and usurped the wife of another, forgetting his beginning somehow.

Meanwhile, God allows us to go through such humbling for a refining that we may be pruned into the proper vessel that He desires. He allowed Joseph go from pit to being Potiphar’s slave and then to prison so that he may learn lessons in humility and understand to give glory to God when eventually he became the governor in Egypt. This is because God, being in a class of His own, hates to share His glory with anyone. Simply put, it is an affront for anyone to ascribe God’s doing to himself. When Nebuchadnezzar tried, he was a beast for seven years; and when Herod did the same, he was eaten by worms. Wherefore, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God by sharing in His glory.

Sharing God’s glory is not only when it is verbalized; it happens through body language and, at times, through wrongly crafted or directed words of prayer wanting to retain what God has given out thereby rejecting the will of God and subtly ascribing the doing to one’s self. The danger in this is that negative things start to happen to the concerned, eroding his well-being gradually and, before long, it becomes glaring he has lost God’s comfort. The earlier we desist from sharing God’s glory the better; for without Him, we can do absolutely nothing.

SOLUTION: Always return all glory and praise unto God over all accomplishment. And, since all we achieve are done by Him, whatever He asks us to do, please do.

Father, in any or every way we had been ascribing your glory to ourselves in times past, please forgive us in Jesus’ name. Like Paul, we look away from past achievements and count them as dung as we humble ourselves before you that made them possible. Kindly do much more through us from now in the name of Jesus. As we honor you by giving you all the glory, please honor us in return by giving us greater blessings in Jesus’ name. Whatever we do, please do not chastise us in your hot displeasure in Jesus’ name. To you alone shall we return all the glory always, in Jesus’ name.

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