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Obedience: Key to Profiting

Focus: Isaiah 1:19 - KJV

19. If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:

Genesis 26:1-14

God loves to be obeyed. Man, having been given free will, expresses his will often against the position of the Lord, his Creator. Incidentally, the Lord has a larger view of the horizons than any man can. Aside that, His wisdom and knowledge cannot be compared to man’s myopic own. Hence, God sees better the things that are likely to confront man than the man himself that it directly concerns. In view of that, and because God is not a liar, what He says is aimed at helping the man to come to an expected end which invariably is a joyful situation. So, when the man decides to proceed against the voice of God, he goes in the opposite direction to His instruction and messes himself up in the end. The outset may look promising, but it is the ending that is most material. Isaac was a fellow who only heard of God from his parents, particularly the dad. After the demise of his parents, there was a famine in the land where he lived and he made up his mind to migrate to Egypt. But, perhaps for the first time, he heard the voice of God telling him to remain in the land with a promise of prosperity. Though he didn’t see God and may not have tested Him before, he obeyed the voice and stayed, despite all odds, including the hostility of the people in the land. In the end, because he obeyed, he ate the good of the land and even the hostile neighbors began to envy him. All these he got because he lived in obedience unto God. That testimony would have been lost if he didn’t, even though Egypt to him, appeared a safe haven at first.

It is important to be sure of God’s will and instruction in that matter that you are on. What is the Lord saying to you in the circumstance? You want to marry, and your would-be spouse appears so lovely and loving? What has the Lord said about it? Or are you about to go into a partnership that looks promising by the numbers? Are you about to change location because of hardship? The Lord is willing to guide you in the way to go. When He does, please abide with His position. Not everything that glitters is gold. A way may seem right to the observer whereas the end of it, which the Lord has in His view ends in destruction. Don’t therefore, proceed except in obedience to the Lord’s direction.

SOLUTION: Seek the voice of the Lord. He speaks. If you think He has not spoken, look for another person who is close to God to join you in prayers. He may be able to guide you into understanding what the Lord is saying regarding the situation. Never allow your bias to move your heart away from the Lord’s instruction.

Lord, we promise to obey you so that we may eat the good of the land. Please help us to keep our promise always, in Jesus’ name. Like you did for Isaac, please make us the envy of our generation by the reason of your blessings in Jesus’ name. Everyone that has difficulty hearing from you, do please give them the grace to hear so that they may also have opportunity to obey in Jesus’ name. And those who do hear but are lacking the faith to obey, please help their unbelief and make them yield to you in Jesus’ name.

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