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Obey God completely

Key verse: Hebrews 10:31

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Read: Numbers 20:7-12

God is Love and yet He is a Consuming Fire. It is therefore a fearful thing to fall into His hands in unrighteousness. Before God will relate with anyone, He proves the person. When He makes you worthy, He goes all out to bestow you with His benefits. By this, He turns you into a wonder in the sight of your pairs and every hanger on. Have you ever marveled at the way things appear to have been smooth with you? It is because the Lord is using you as His showpiece to others that they may turn to Him. When He so takes you over, He expects to have your totality. He is so jealous that He does not share His own with anyone. Don’t however take Him for granted to dishonor Him in any form. He always requires His honor. Learn from the example of Moses. God took him up from being a hopeless shepherd of his in-law’s flocks until He built him into becoming a god unto the most powerful king of his time. He was said to be the humblest of all men that lived. But then, after having known God so much, he chose to disregard the direct instruction of God. Notice that God did not have to ask him why simply because He discerns the intents of the heart. He already knew that it was done to dishonor Him, God. The consequence was severe for someone who had it all.

The Lord loves you and He has the mind to keep it so. He will decorate you such that the blessed will call you blessed. But then, you must not forget who He is to you. Even if He made you god over others, only He remains your God. He is to be honored and obeyed completely. Your shifty posture about matters is just going to put you in trouble with Him. Never use the grace of God in dishonoring Him. It is dishonorable to withhold from God that which He has freely given to you. And you can court the wrath of God by disobeying His injunction to love your neighbor as yourself. When the wrath of God is released, no one can stand it. Moses sought God’s face for to enter the promised land after he was judged dishonorable, but the Lord shut him up concerning it. Judas Iscariot realized his mistake but it was too late for him. John the Baptist was shut off the Kingdom just for finding offense in the Lord. Your ascribing the faults in your life to God and therefore dishonoring Him is an invitation to danger. Live your life to honor God henceforth. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Consuming Fire.

Pray: Father, help me to stay firm in you never to dishonor or offend you in any way, in Jesus name.

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1 Comment

Jonathan Stephen
Jonathan Stephen
Apr 28, 2021

Lord, help me never to get use to you to the extend of me dishonouring your upon my life🗣️

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