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Our Commission

Focus: Acts 10:42 - KJV

42. And he commanded us to preach unto the people, and to testify that it is he which was ordained of God to be the Judge of quick and dead.

Acts 10:34-43

Jesus Christ was sent into the world to ransom the world of sin and death. His sacrifice is eternal, working not only for those that came after Him but for all the righteous dead also. As the sacrifice was made, it took effect instantly in the spirit realm. But Jesus was only in a small sphere on the earth while He showed proof that He is the Christ. His appearance among the nation of Israel was so that the nation that carried the promises of the coming of the messiah may witness His coming and confirm it from the scriptures available to them. Nonetheless, for the whole world to appreciate what the Lord has done and realize that they have been given a fresh start upon being born again, there was need for witnesses to carry the good news all around the world. Ironically, the Israelis among whom He showed the signs that tallied with their scripture refused to accept the sacrifice. They will rather continue in their old ways which are meaningless any longer in spiritual things. So, except the witnesses put the record straight, the knowledge of the truth will be lost on man. Hence, the mandate of God to us who believe is to continue to preach to the people and to testify that the Messiah already came and has paid for our sins. Little wonder the devil does not like preachers and will go to any length to dissuade the people from hearing the truth. He raises an army of opposition against the preachers to discourage and/or disgrace them. But if we faint in the days of adversity, then our strength is little. That which has been committed to us we must do.

The reason you are facing the heat from your opposers is either because you are pivotal in disseminating the truth of the gospel, or if you are yet to start, the enemy has found what you are likely to achieve for the kingdom of God when you start. Don’t let anything discourage you from preaching to the people. It is God’s way of freeing them from the dungeon of the devil and bringing them to His own marvelous light. One thing is sure, for this commission there are bountiful rewards. If we will persist in preaching, we will never miss our rewards.

SOLUTION: Preach the gospel, whether in season or out of season. Never relent in talking about Jesus to those around you. The devil must not gain our friends and relatives. Let God use you to win them into His light.

Father, the persecution facing us for preaching your word is daunting. Please help to ease the burden in Jesus’ name. Help us by your Spirit to be steadfast in this your commission in Jesus’ name. Whatever we do, please by your power, hold us up in steadfastness to the very end in Jesus’ name. Let our rewards before you be certain in Jesus’ name.

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