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Possess your soul in patience

Key verse: Luke 21:19

In your patience possess ye your souls.

Luke 21:10-19

In the days of Noah, aside the sign of the building of the ark on a dry and high ground with no sea in view or a carrier to ferry it to the sea, there was no other sign for mankind to alert him that something strange was about to happen. It was when the flood came, after the Lord had shut Noah into the ark that they realized what befell them. But then, it was too late.

God loves man and has given him every opportunity to repent from his waywardness so that he may escape from the doom set ahead. Although the day of the Lord is to come like a thief in the night like in the days of Noah, yet the Lord gave us warning signs that would precede the great event. Nations are already rising against nations in a very high magnitude these days like He warned us, for a sign; earthquakes in diverse places and other natural disasters are regular phenomena; famines, pestilences and fearful sights are available all around for the careful to see. Believers are now being persecuted in higher propensity than ever. Incidentally, the persecution of the Church is greater from among those who are assumed to be within the Church than those who are from without it. Many are facing diverse troubles for the sake of Christ, His Kingdom and righteousness. All of these and more affirm the signs the Lord had cautioned us to watch out for as indicating the imminent occurrence of that which was foretold. It is not also surprising that even amongst your friends and supposed kins, you are disliked just for the fact that you profess Christ.

As all these things are happening, we are enjoined to be sober and be vigilant so that at the last minute we will not, like the foolish virgins, lose our souls due to carelessness. We are to be patient therefore, standing in the faith, without deviating from the injunctions of God either to the left or to the right. It is when we are met in righteousness at His coming that we are able to possess our souls and not lose it to damnation and torment. Please be patient! The persecutions and sufferings that are yet to come are not so much as that we have passed through. The weeping that has endured this night season will surely culminate in joy in the morning. Patience is the key. Salvation cometh.

Pray: Father, I want to be with you to the very end. Whatever I will do to make me forfeit reigning with you, please prevent me from doing it by your mercy in Jesus name.

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