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Power Belongs To Jesus

Focus: Matthew 28:18 - KJV

18. And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Daniel 7:13-14

Aside wealth, power is something that men seek while on earth. It is the possession of control, authority or influence, over others. The Bible records that God has spoken once, twice have I heard it, that power belongs to God. Of course, no one can claim to possess power over and above the one who created all things but was not Himself created by any. The possessor of power over the heavens and the earth, had handed over power over the earth unto man for him to take the charge until further notice. Unfortunately, the power over the earth was released to the enemy when man fell from grace by obeying the enemy. It is established spiritual norm that the one to whom we yield in obedience are we servants unto. Hence, the status of the enemy changed from servant to master, once man obeyed him.

God, the original owner of all power could not look on for this situation to be perpetuated. Hence, He took the form of the Son of man and came to restore man to power by wresting power from the usurper. He did this by refusing to obey the enemy in any way, but stood up to control the same. Once the enemy yielded, power over the earth was wrested from him, by Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, since Christ and the father are one, the power over the heaven had always been His, but He set it aside to come to earth. When the mission on earth was accomplished, the power in heaven was fused with that of the earth and given to Him, anew. By that token, He was exalted above every other being in every realm, such that at the mention of His name, every knee should bow.

If we understand where power lies, we will be able to use it significantly. Going about covens or the homes of mere mortals will only afford us caricature and not real power. The power we have in the name of Jesus can dispel devils no matter their number, at any point in time. That power raised the dead severally at different times and different generations, and that is, aside from healing the sick. No matter what it is that we seek solution to in any of the realms, the power to do it is available, if we will put it to use. It is difficult to access the power for those who have no relationship with the holder thereof. Mighty power is in the hands of Jesus for our continuous triumph. Let us put it to use.

SOLUTION: We need not linger in any form of pain – physical, emotional or mental – since we have access to power. Let us begin to put the name of Jesus to use meaningfully, and start seeing potent power in our daily lives.

Pray thus: Father, I thank you for making all powers available to me through the Lord Jesus Christ. From this day, let the power work for me in all spheres, in Jesus’ name.

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