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Power Giver

Focus: Isaiah 40:29 - KJV

29. He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.

1 Kings 19:1-8

The journey of life is faced with so many hills. As we progress in life, some of our pursuits become difficult to attain particularly when we get to our wits’ end concerning the particular pursuit. For Elijah, the pursuit was righteousness and fear of God for Israel. He had proven in the pursuit, that there is no other God aside Jehovah. The whole of Israel had seen and acknowledged that Jehovah is God. Left for him to fully accomplish was the clearing of the shrines and evil altars and the rebuilding of altars for the living God. But while in the pursuit, a Jezebel arose and sent to him that assumed he was victorious, a death sentence. Knowing the antecedent of the threat issuer, Elijah took to his heels. The man of God believed he could live to fight another day if his head was still upon his neck. He became truly faint and was going to throw in the towel. But then, the faithful employer and power giver showed up for him. Not only did He feed Elijah, He did it twice and enough to well up strength for him to cover his journey. All of a sudden, the faint Elijah became boisterous again.

The fear of failure and perhaps destruction can make any one, no matter how mighty, quiver. There are those who for doing no evil but pursuing righteousness, are being chased about so that they do not succeed. There are others who are in a trade and their competition have terrible plans and ideas against them. There are also those who, though have great and sustainable ideas but lack enough financial or organizational capacity to carry it through. The one who saw Elijah through is still available. He gives power to the faint and strength to those without might. Problem is, He is not a busy-body. The enemy plotted against Naboth over his vineyard. Naboth did not show any close tie with the Lord and it is not recorded that he sought the help of God. The enemy succeeded in bringing up a clandestine claim against him that made him lose both life and vineyard. God was there seeing it. He judged the situation. But He was not invited into Naboth’s matter and so He did not show up to assist him.

SOLUTION: Keep God in the forefront of your affairs. Make Him the Lord of your life and discuss with Him regularly or constantly to keep Him abreast of the affairs you need Him in. Let Him know when your strength is dwindling and you need a refill. The best time to start is now.

As you start your day, may the Almighty take over your battles in the name of Jesus Christ. May He supply the needed strength for the completion of all the righteous tasks you have started in Jesus name. May the enemy be defeated in your matter in the name of Jesus. And may help come for you where you least expect in Jesus’ name. Have a fruitful day.

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