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Power of the Kingdom

Focus: 1 Corinthians 4:20 - KJV

20. For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.

Mark 16:17-18

The Kingdom of God is associated with power. Power to ensure that darkness is eradicated wherever the Kingdom of God is in operation. Many claim to belong to the Kingdom but have no impact on darkness whatsoever. They are able to speak away and explain what they assume is the content of scripture but then, darkness overwhelms them in all their dealings. That is an irony. Talk about people who claim to be of the Kingdom but subtly seek rulers of darkness for power. One will never forget an encounter that happened not too long ago. In a parish that had over a hundred congregants, a supposed Reverend came to visit the pastor. The congregation of the Reverend was not up to twenty. Yet he offered to take the pastor somewhere to make power charms to draw a huge crowd to the parish. That has become the order of the day, now. Those who lack power tend to pretend they possess it. For all intents and purposes, there is no power in darkness at all to offer. All power is resident in God. And Jesus Christ came to make the same available to those that believe in Him. If therefore, those who should be the carriers of power seek the same from where it is not, one begins to marvel.

When Jesus Christ completed the task of taking the reins of the earth from the devil, in handing it over to the believer, He asserted what the evidence would be. The evidence is in power and the exercise of it. And as proof of the transfer of power to those in the Kingdom, the disciples started to torment darkness wherever it showed forth and anyone of them was around. For instance, darkness had crippled a man begging alms at the beautiful gate of the temple. In one fell swoop, Peter and John drove darkness and its effect away by the exercise of power. When a serpent bit Paul, the man simply shoved it into the fire without feeling the venom effect. Dorcas was sent to early death by the operation of darkness. By power, Peter brought her back to life. We also can cease from being Christians with mere words and start to show forth the power of the Kingdom as Ambassadors thereof. All that is necessary is to truly believe and allow the Holy Spirit of God who is the giver of power to in-dwell us. He can only so do if we stare clear of sin never to take a thought in it again. When we do, power will start to show.

It is a good time to pray that from this day, as you determine to stay away from sin, the Lord will make His Holy Spirit to take you over for power and you will start to operate in true power of the Kingdom henceforth in Jesus name. Let’s get started.

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