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Prayer And The Ministry Of The Word

Focus: Acts 6:4 - KJV

4. But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.

Acts 6:1-7

Jesus Christ was the son of the Carpenter who became the Carpenter. When He became ready for ministry, however, there was no mention or reference to carpentry anymore as He concentrated fully on prayer and the ministry of the word. This became very effective and formed the foundation of the faith that is practiced all over the world today. When his disciples took over the gauntlet of the ministry, there was much to do in that increase in population brought with it other responsibilities and concerns, part of which was serving the table to take care of the needy. Of course, while they engaged in it all together, it became a distraction to them regarding the core ministry work of prayer and sharing the word. They therefore, had to device a means of settling the matter by assigning a few to the serving of the table or welfare matters while they concentrated on the core ministry so as to be effective.

In the days of the Old Testament, the essence of tithing was to bring meat into the storehouse of God, that the Levites who were full time ministers without a particular portion in Israel, could have something to lean on as income. This had the effect of the priests being able to concentrate on the ministry to which they were assigned. Today, there is emphasis on bringing tithe into the storehouse whereas a majority of ministers have other engagements that take their hearts and time away from prayer and the ministry of the word. The result is that many have lost connection with the throne of heaven and do not really have the message to pass down to the flock. Most of the time, the messages are recycled to fulfil righteousness. Yet, God will not serve His children the meal of the past day, which was why the manna He gave was not to be taken the next day.

For those that have been saddled with the responsibility of ministry, it is criminal to collect tithe when they are in other vocations or businesses. And they cannot be effective in ministry as they have divided attention. Ministry is more about God and not the minister. As the minister has not devoted time to commune with God to know His thoughts on the matters of the flock, there is no way he can be an effective shepherd. This day, the Lord’s guidance to us is to reappraise our situations. If you are called to ministry, please focus thereon. And if you are to be ministered to, be careful not to imbibe stale meat from distracted shepherds. It will eventually affect growth in the body. For malnourishment and diseases are often a result of the manner of food taken.

SOLUTION: Let every minister focus on ministry or face their secular jobs if that is what they prefer. Not concentrating on ministry is affecting the growth of the flock and contributing to the menace in society. Let everyone focus on his/her calling. If a minister, focus on prayer and the word.

Father, please help us to make up our minds to serve you effectively as ministers in Jesus’ name. And everyone that is being ministered to, dear Lord, please direct their paths so that they will never be fed with poison, or food that would bring malnourishment, ever again in Jesus’ name. Help to cleanse your Church Lord, so that when you will appear for the saints, many more will be fit and ready in Jesus’ name.

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