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Profit teaching

Key verse: Isaiah 48:17

Thus saith the LORD, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.

Genesis 30:29-43

By all known facts, there is nothing that is that does not belong to God. It may interest us to know that since God created the earth and all that therein is, nothing of the content of the earth has been taken out of it. When through some “ingenuity” man makes a thing out of the earth, the whole lot end up returning to the earth. Even man and other land animals at the least, who were formed from the dust of the earth, return to the earth when they die. It is therefore, not open to debate that everything on earth belongs to God. If we agree that all belongs to God, then we should also agree that He knows where the things He owns are put in terms of location. Like when gold is discovered in a place, it did not just get formed at the time of discovery but had been there since the foundation of the earth. It is invariably within the power of God to teach a person of His choice how to maximize the use of His belongings on earth.

God taught Jacob to profit in the house of Laban. Although for twenty years Jacob had labored without a wage, after being taught of God, there was a great transfer of wealth that gave him flock much more and better than that of the person for whom he labored for twenty years. His profiting was daunting. Isaac was to proceed to Egypt by reason of famine in the land where he dwelt. But God told him to abort his trip to Egypt as He was going to prosper him in the land. That translated into God teaching what and how to sow in the land for profiting. In the end, it was recorded that his harvest caused others in the land, who were not so taught like him, to begin to envy him. Imagine neighboring farmers together going to sow in the same terrain, weather and extent of seed; yet one came with great yields while others had nothing to show. The difference is simply the God factor.

We also can have God teach us to get wealth and show us the way to go. The thing is we must be ready to obey His leading and teaching as against telling Him what we want done. It is better we allow His Will as against ours to be done in all our endeavors. When we tell God what we want as against what He wills for us, we are not likely to get much profit. If Christ had insisted on having the cup pass over Him, He was not likely to attain a name above all other. Let God teach you and your profiting will be sure.

Pray: Father, please teach me the way to go and to make wealth; I will abide by your will through the power of your Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.

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