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Pursue peace with all

Text: Hebrews 12:14

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

Read: John 14:23-28

It is another Christmas day. All over the world, people commemorate the birth of the Savior today. But pause for a moment: assuming the same Lord and Savior returns now like He promised, will He find you righteous and therefore worthy?

Christmas is not so much about merriment and celebration. It is meant to be a call for sober reflection. This Lord that was born for my sake and did fulfill the purpose for which He was so born, am I doing His will and bidding or am I making His birth, death and resurrection vain over my life? He says He would come unannounced. So, He can come even now! Are you ready for Him? Why live your life as if nothing matters than in this plane?

Christ taught us that love is the core of the Lord’s injunction. Do you truly love God as well as your neighbor? That neighbor that you took offense for his deeds and actions towards you may bar you from seeing the one for whom you are rejoicing today if you will not forgive him and let him go. You are to pursue peace with ALL men and not just those whom you desire. Your holiness is in question if you are not at peace with your neighbor and without it you cannot see God.

Make Christmas meaningful over your life and that of your household by obeying every injunction of the Prince of Peace whom you seek to celebrate. He warns that He will say to many “I know you not”. What do you think it will be like for someone to have professed Christ and do so much at Christmas just for Christ to return possibly during Christmas and say to him after much said and done, I know you not? You don’t want to be in those shoes, I believe. Please amend your ways now. Merry Christmas.


Father, I thank you for coming to earth to ransom my soul from death; help me never to lose sight of my salvation. Keep me upright in you that I may pursue peace with all men and holiness to the very end in Jesus name. thank you Lord for loving me. I will also love you to the end by the help of your Spirit in Jesus name. I curry from you special Christmas gift today: Grant me your best spiritual gift available for me to thrive and excel in you in Jesus name.

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