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Receive Peace

Memorize: Isaiah 48:18

O that thou hadst hearkened to my commandments! then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea:

Read: Acts 12:1-10

A Pastor travelled by air from Abuja to Lagos, both in Nigeria, about the time air mishaps were predominant in that country. In the cause of the flight, the Pastor slept due to fatigue. Meanwhile, he was paired with a lady of another faith who was so religiously dressed. And there was turbulence in the air such that the entire occupants panicked save the Pastor who could not be disturbed in his sleep. Everyone in the airplane including the co-passenger chorused the name of Jesus at the turbulence but nothing happened. When the co-passenger kept clawing the Pastor’s arm at every turbulent moment, the Pastor rose, laid hand on the headrest and called Jesus once. Alas, there was a sudden surge and then calm. So, the Pastor returned to his sleep until he was woken up again on ground, Lagos. This was the kind of peace Peter exhibited. Although the king had already set up his death in the morning, yet he couldn’t be bothered because he knew whom he obeyed who was able to rescue him.

All the Lord is demanding from you and I to enjoy this manner of peace is for us to hearken to His commandments. God hates to be disrespected. For clarity, the fact that you disrespect Him will not make Him to hurt you, no. what it does is to remove Him from the equation of your life. When God is out of the equation of any life, such life is exposed to all manner of vagaries and whatever the enemy sends its way is not defended since there is no longer an ally to assist.

You are the one that takes the benefit of God when you obey His commandments. Don’t be deceived into believing you are doing Him a favor by so doing. When you obey Him, He deploys His angels to take charge of you and keep you safe. That results in you enjoying peace like a river. When the Lord revealed what happened during the air turbulence to the Pastor in our narrative, he saw in a vision a giant carrying the airplane like a toy in the palm of his right hand and with the other hand, warding off attacks hauled at the aircraft. Won’t you just allow God guarantee your safety and peace by hearkening to His commands from today?

Pray: Father, it is the beginning of a new month, thank you for keeping me and my loved ones alive. Please help me to remain obedient to your commands so that your angels continue to be my guard that I may continue to enjoy peace like a river in Jesus name.

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