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Render your dues

Key verse: Romans 13:7 - KJV

7. Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.

Romans 13:1-7

As God is the overall ruler of the universe, for there to be order in every society, He allows rulers in them also. For instance, He makes the Father the head of his home/family. He appoints rulers for villages and towns, States and Countries; and even the comity of nations. There is none that is made a ruler or leader in any sphere that is not known to God. Therefore, the responsibility of the leader is derived from God whether he knows it or not. Since God is the ultimate chooser of the leader, respect and honor given to the leader dovetails into honor and respect for God. Hence, we are enjoined by scripture to give honor to those appointed as leaders over us. In doing so, we accord them the atmosphere to lead well if they are well meaning.

As members of our respective societies, there are contributions expected of us to make the society better. Non-performance of our due amounts to cheating others in the same society who are performing their dues. We cannot be enjoying infrastructure made possible from others’ dues while we pay nothing. It follows that when we refuse to give tribute to whom it is due, we become bad members of our society. Even Christ paid His dues, if only to fulfil all righteousness that the ministry be not blamed. And since a servant is not greater than his master, we will be making ourselves “greater” than Christ if we fail to comply. Yes, there are leaders who are absolutely corrupt and not well meaning for the societies they lead. But their misdeeds are seen by the One who made their ascending the throne possible. Even if we think they are getting away with their criminal acts, why don’t we report them to the higher authority in Christ Jesus and have the righteous judge deal with the situation? A Pharaoh was crowned who knew not Joseph. Israel did not fare well under him yet they obeyed his command and honored him. When the scourging on them became unbearable, they cried to the King of kings who came to their aid.

We also can be rescued from the tyranny of any of our leaders if we cry unto God to rescue us. It is however not given unto us to dishonor or move against the ruler of our clime in any way or form. Let us please be guided.

Pray: Father, please remove the yoke of tyrannical leaders from our shoulders in Jesus name.

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