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Reward of Righteousness

Focus: Psalms 92:12 - KJV

12. The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

Psalms 92:12-15

Righteousness is characterized by uprightness or being right and justifiable. Ordinarily, no man born of a woman is righteous. Only God is righteous as there is no unrighteousnessness in Him. God had, in times past imputed righteousness on some people because of their moral standing and fairness. He looked at their days as the days of ignorance and decided to wink at such days. He however, set a standard of righteousness in Christ Jesus who came to live as our example, going through the harshness of life without falling into sin or damnation; who we are enjoined to look unto if we also must be a success in righteousness. It follows that since God is the only righteous being and He lived through Christ on earth, we can attain righteousness if we imbibe the Christ. What that simply suggests is that we live our lives in accordance with Christ and be counted righteous.

The rewards of righteousness are also evident in the life of Christ our example. Though born without letters, He proved Himself knowledgable in the midst of the lettered. So, if any is righteous, the same will show forth great understand that dumbfounds the wise. Nothing took Him by surprise or overwhelmed Him. When we are righteous also, we are never overwhelmed by situations and circumstances. He had people obey Him and do His bidding at beck and call. God can make people to serve us too. He had control over money that He made the fish His automated teller machine. We can also control money at will. He was never sick but rather healed the sick. We can have the same grace also. Even when some died He raised them up. We can also have authority over death. He had access to the throne of God in prayers that He was seen communing with old prophets of repute. We also can approach the throne of grace boldly as sons with easy access. No one took His life until He surrendered it. For us too, no evil can exterminate us and we may not leave the earth until we are willing to call it quit.

There is so much gain in righteous living to endear any well thinking person to embrace it. Unfortunately, as these things are true of righteous living, the converse is also true of unrighteous living. The Lord is inviting us to righteousness that we may live thereby. I pray with you, God will perfect everything that relates to you as you strive for righteousness in Jesus name. God will make all the rewards start to manifest in your life in Jesus name. Yield to Christ.

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