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Safety under the shadow of His wings

Focus: Psalms 36:7 - KJV

7. How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.

Psalms 36:6-9

It is already the last day of the last but one month in the year 2021. When we look back at the time the year started and now, we will realise that so much has happened both positively and negatively alike. When we reflect, we will find that it is not because of any special trait that we are alive to see the light of this day but that it is for the mercy of God. We are ordinarily unworthy but for the lovingkindness and tender mercies of God, so many terrible things would have happened. Even as terrible as we are, almost everytime we run into hardship or some trouble, we don’t seem to forget God. We remember to run to Him for cover believing that once He has us, we have nothing to worry. Safety is under His wings or the shadow of it. Israel was full of denial. But whenever they got into trouble with oppressing neighbors, they hid under the cover of the shadow of the wings of God and He took care of them. There, He gave them care abundantly. For instance, when the Syrian army laid siege at the gate of Samaria and the people ran unto their God for cover, the prophet, Elisha spoke on behalf of God that respite would come in twenty four hours and Israel, like he said, experienced great respite and abundance.

The same God in whom we repose confidence has brought us thus far and with an unflinching confidence in Him, He will bring us to abundance even before the year is over. We must however put our trust in Him for Him to give us special treat in life and living. Let us do that today and see the salvation of the Lord the shadow of whose wings brings safety.

I pray with you therefore that by the cover of the Lord over you and I, no devil will be able to buffet us again in the name of Jesus. No weapon formed against you shall ever prosper and as you continue to abide under the shadow of His wings, you will experience super abundance and good life from now in Jesus name. The power in His presence which comes from His Light shall send darkness far away from you and everything that had been awry will give way for bright shining hope in Jesus name. All that represents a downside ends for you today. Welcome to a new hope of super abundance. Congratulations!

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