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See Christ and live

Key verse: John 14:19

Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.

2 Timothy 1:8-10

Christ promised by prophesy how He needed to physically depart the world. In doing so, He however promised all those who believe and understand His person that He lives even after leaving the world and that He remains visible to them. He also assures that those that do so see Him will also live because He lives. It is important to recall that not everyone has the capacity to see spiritual things as they are not common to all. Whilst the Christ was on earth, people could not recognize Him as the Christ. They were ascribing wrong personalities to Him. But one person saw and recognized His person, Peter. Even Christ after Peter’s assertion declared that flesh and blood did not reveal to him what he discovered but the Spirit of God. It follows therefore, that seeing the position of the Christ is not a canal but a spiritual affair. Yet Christ is who He is, The Christ.

It is common place for people to claim titles and Christianity but the bottom-line is: can they see the Christ? Seeing Him is not by mouth or grandstanding. It is through the light of the gospel. Actions not supported by the gospel are blindfolds that prevent seeing the Christ as He lives. Ironically, it is only those who see Him as He lives that are guaranteed life. Therefore, it is not so much about who people assume you are but what the gospel says about you. Concerning them that were the custodians of the law, they were variously referred to as brood of vipers and hypocrites and so on. This because, though they knew what was right and spoke of it, yet, they were doing all things against that which they professed. That is how the gospel sees them. That was what made it impossible for them to see the Christ. But Christ had for them an advice: take out first the log in your eye before looking to the spec in the eye of another; physician, heal thyself.

Many are seeing Christ and are alive with an assurance of continuous life hereafter. Hence, it is possible to live by the light of the gospel and thereby see Christ and live. We also can do the same: know first what the gospel teaches; hold on to the truth so exposed by which we see Christ as He lives; by so doing we are guaranteed of life also. When we so see Him, we must keep our focus on Him else we lose sight of Him. Life is in Him. See Him and live.

Pray: Father, please help me to keep my focus on Christ that I may live as He lives in the name of Jesus Christ.

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