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Seeing God

Focus: Matthew 5:8 - KJV

8. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Isaiah 6:1-7

God is a Spirit, nevertheless, He makes Himself visible to those that He would. Seeing Him is however not available to everyone. He adjudged the hearts of men to be desperately wicked, in the beginning. No one with a wicked heart can see Him. As meek as Moses was said to be, he asked to see God and the Lord told him that if he did, he would die. But later in human existence, He made Isaiah to see a smoke around His throne and Isaiah proclaimed he had seen the Lord. Isaiah was purged of his sins that he may properly stand in the presence of the Holy One. This may be where those who proclaim the existence of a purgatory got the idea from. It is noteworthy though that Isaiah was not dead at the time he was so purged. When God created man and breathe on him, He gave him the Holy Spirit. The Bible records that He blessed man. Blessing man is a deposit of the Spirit of God in man. So, anyone that is blessed of God has a potential to see God since he already carries a part of Him. Nonetheless, there is no carrying of the Spirit of God in a wicked heart. When the heart is pure, it has the baseline for receiving the blessing of God by which it is possible to see God. Purity of heart is having a heart devoid of grudges or evil thoughts in any way or manner at all. Since God is pure, He can only stay in hearts so described and none other. Once the heart is pure, there is already a criterium for blessing and seeing God. Christ affirms this position. If you don’t see Him in this life, you will see Him hereafter. Guaranteed!

How pure is your heart? We have heard so much about God for us to be moved with interest to see Him. There is no seeing Him with any form of impurity in the heart. Are you still carrying grudges in your heart or allowing vain and dirty thoughts into it? To make giant strides in the Kingdom, you need to purge your heart. There are many benefits being lost to the enemy by reason of impure hearts.

SOLUTION: God is pure. Cleanse your heart from all impurity and put a bar at the door of your heart to prevent any further entrant. Think only on good and pure things forthwith.

The one who says walk before me and be thou perfect will keep you pure by the aid of His Spirit in Jesus’ name. The everlasting arm of God will sustain you and prevent you from falling in Jesus’ name. Whatever you will do that may prevent you from seeing God, the Most-High Himself will forestall your doing it in Jesus’ name. May we all see the Lord in the end in the name of Jesus Christ.

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