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Seek God with All Your Heart

Focus: Jeremiah 29:13 - KJV

13. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

1 Kings 19:9-13

It is a clear fact that God needs man to administer the earth and that was why He created man as He did. However, because God has several alternatives He can take in man if anyone turns Him down, man needs God more. So, to take the benefit of the person of God and since He is a Spirit that cannot be boxed to a corner, it is essential that to take such benefit, there must by proper seeking. God knows the intents of the hearts of men and therefore cannot be mocked. He knows those who truly are serious about finding Him. Elijah went into hiding after running into trouble with Jezebel. What Elijah sought was a visitation from God that would kill him. Then the word of God came to him, perhaps through another or just from outside of him unlike before. He was told to get to a spot and meet with the Lord there. Elijah sought the Lord with all his heart. Hence, when fire came and was ravaging, Elijah could tell that God was not in it; ditto the earthquake and the wind. But when He came in a still small voice, Elijah knew he had found God. In the same manner, God is available to those who will seek Him with all their heart. He is not out to be mocked by any mere mortal. He wants to be found by serious minded people.

Friend, do you also have need of God in that your circumstance? Are you overwhelmed by the issues of life to the extent that you wonder where God is in your circumstance? Rest assured, God is not missing. He is very much around. But for you to find Him, your heart must be involved like Elijah. When materials start to happen, people may let you think that is the Lord’s solution wrapped in a parable. Please don’t believe such. Put your heart to the search of the Lord’s counsel. Once He finds that you are genuine and serious in your search, He will show forth. In what way? He determines that, alone!

SOLUTION: The Lord is not far from those who love Him. Set aside a time and place to concentrate your heart on God in worship and reverence. He will surprise you there.

The Lord will give answer to your heart cries today in Jesus’ name. As you seek the Lord in truth, He will show forth to satisfy your curiosity in Jesus’ name. You will not wait in vain for the Lord in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. He is a living God. Seek and find Him.

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