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Seek the face of God

Key verse: 1 Chronicles 16:11

Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.

Read: 1 Samuel 30:1-8.

At times life can be menacingly devastating. It may not necessarily be because of some sin or disobedience. No matter the cause, everything about life that is not pleasant is brought about by the enemy. Truly there is nothing the enemy can do except the Lord concedes it. Nonetheless, the Lord is the Light and there is no iota of darkness in Him. All the unpleasantness is from the evil one who personifies darkness. Knowing this, since the light shines in darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it, when the Light is invited into any situation overwhelmed by darkness, the Light prevails.

To bring the Light to bear in our situation we need to seek God. To eradicate darkness completely from our affairs, we should just seek the Light continually. When darkness finds us enveloped in the Light, it fizzles out and stays aloof. Your current situation may appear devastating. Have you lost so much treasure and those who had been saying yes sir to you have now turned around to be bad mouthing you? Relax! Just seek the face of God and solution will appear. It happened to some others before you. David and his lieutenants had their families and possession in Ziklag when Amalek went to devastate the city while they were away. They wept bitterly until they couldn’t weep any more. But David knew that amid darkness, solution lies in the Light and therefore he encouraged himself and sought the face of God, the Light. Solution came and although weeping had endured for them all night, their morning of joy appeared. Your morning of joy is also here in Jesus name. Just seek the face of God. Job’s case was even worse. He lost everything including his health. His friends who respected him as the master then started to “teach” him things which they did not know as much as he did. He stayed glued to the Light, seeking His face continually. Of course, he was restored doubly.

That situation you are going through is not too much for God to handle. Just humble yourself before Him and seek His face. And if you want lasting rest from issues of darkness, then seek His face continually. His overwhelming presence shields you from the forces of darkness continually too.


Thank you Father for being our eternal defense. We look up to you for solution to every issue of darkness buffeting us at this time: please let your Light disperse every such issue of darkness now in Jesus name.

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