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Seek The Face Of God

Focus: 1 Chronicles 16:11 - KJV

11. Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.

Psalms 24:3-6

In this Guide, not too long ago, we identified that the world is burgeoned with darkness and to traverse it successfully, we need the light. The Lord is Light and His light can never be comprehended by darkness. When Moses sought His face and saw merely the backside, his face lit up and was described as shining like the sun. What manner of darkness withstands the light of the sun? Those who seek the face of the Lord therefore, look for His strength in the light which can help them overwhelm darkness. When we seek the face of God, we ordinarily draw nearer to Him. No matter how hard we try though, our drawing nearer to God is only made possible if we approach Him with pure heart and clean hands. The hills that were difficult for the disciples to climb, Christ climbed with ease. The difference then was clean hands and pure heart. Oh! Christ is Son of God and therefore special? True. But the Church needed to wait for Peter to raise Tabitha. Others looked on for it to happen. Literarily, it can be said that Peter sought the face of God more than the rest and that was why the light of God’s countenance shone more on him to dispel the effect of darkness wherever he went. No wonder his shadow raised the sick.

We are invited to also seek the face of God continually so that we can radiate the light better than those who have gone before us. It is not edifying to put the search for God in a relegated state to any other thing whatsoever. Those who do this tend to put God in second or even immaterial place in their lives. The rule is to seek first … God and leave every other thing to Him. There are heights we will scale when He is involved but without Him, we have no power over darkness that is covering the earth and the people.

SOLUTION: Seek the light continually. Look to Him and have your face brightened and you will never be ashamed. Look to the Author of life always. Never relegate Him in any area of life. Indeed, put Him first in anything whatsoever as it pertains to you.

Lord, we have confidence in you and know that with you, we will always prevail in life. Please accept our hearts from today and cleanse our hands with the blood of Jesus that we may qualify to ascend your holy hill, in Jesus’ name. Do keep darkness far from us by the light of your countenance placed over our beings as we appear before you continually in Jesus’ name. Let it never be said of us or anyone of us that we are overcome by darkness in Jesus’ name. As the light of the world, let our appearing always scare darkness away in Jesus’ name.

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