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Seek The God Of Wonders

Focus: Job 5:8-9 - KJV

8. I would seek unto God, and unto God would I commit my cause: 9. Which doeth great things and unsearchable; marvellous things without number:

Romans 11:33-36

Our God is a God of wonders, there is nothing impossible for Him to do and, it has not yet come to the mind of any man the extent of His abilities beyond what we see and observe. Imagine the one who built the universe and each planet remains in its own orbit without disturbing the other. Yet there is no beam or pillar separating and holding them in place, but they remain in check. Has it ever crossed our minds how it is possible to regulate and make clouds stand in the atmosphere for so long without anyone or anything holding it up there? It is the same God who does this, that rules and reigns in the affairs of men.

In His ruling in the affairs of men, He has demonstrated a bit of His power for man to reason out. For instance, in a battle against Israel where it was clear, humanly speaking, that the odds were against Israel, hailstones were rained upon the enemy in battle and Israel was spared. Lazarus had been dead for four days and He brought him back to life to demonstrate He has power over death. He transformed the economy of Samaria from crass famine to surplus in less than twenty-four hours. He made sickness to bow at His say and made storms and climatic conditions to shift all by Himself. What can God not do? Upon demonstrating all these as just a bit of the things He can do, some of which eyes are yet to see, He expects us whom He loves, to have faith in Him and seek Him in our times of need and always. Unfortunately, men are forever looking elsewhere and that does not make God glad.

In that uncanny situation, we can easily make an escape if you will seek this God of wonders whose deeds are unsearchable and true. A refusal to seek Him is a concession to continue in pain without succor which grieves His heart, for He does not want any to perish or even suffer. Those who seek Him have great testimonies to share even till now. Ours can be the next testimony to shake the grounds if we would seek Him from today. He is not limited in potency as there is nothing He cannot do. No one can curb or arrest Him for His deeds. Let us seek Him now.

SOLUTION: The answer to the mysteries of the world is with the Lord. Seek Him while He is yet near that He may help you out of the situation the enemy has put us. The more we delay, the more the situation lingers. Meanwhile, God waits eagerly to embrace us, if only we will seek Him.

Pray in this manner: Father, I am sorry I have not been seeking you enough before now; please forgive me in Jesus’ name. I resolve to seek you regularly and early each day from now Lord; please relieve me of my current pain by your power in Jesus’ name. Do that which only you can do regarding my situation and that of my country dear Lord, in Jesus’ name. Let your power create a great testimony in my life today that no man can gainsay in the mighty name of Jesus. I thank you for doing this Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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