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Send your Light O Lord!

Key Verse: Psalms 43:3 - KJV

3. O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles.

Acts 4:23-31

Happy New Month Beloved! May this be a great month full of the goodness of God unto you and all yours in Jesus’ name. The world is in serious darkness and therefore comatose. The enemy has sown lies into men and they are gathering momentum in their acts of killing the few people who believe in the gospel of the Lord and will not relinquish it. Many are being driven out of their localities in droves while others live in fear of annihilation any moment. Governments are being toppled by the rulers of darkness and there is not much the people can do about it. Wielders of weapons of destruction are living large over the people who in turn can only hide their faith and faces. Every day in the news there is always the news of death and destruction in great magnitude ranging from health to terrorism and so on. Indeed, gross darkness has covered the people without succor.

The scripture had warned of these occurrences. Those who lived before assumed they saw it all. Now, we know better. But, can we just fold our hands and allow the carnage to continue? Some have recommended the Zerubbabel style of building with one hand with the sword on the other. Meanwhile, the weapons of our warfare are not canal. When the disciples of Christ were confronted with the same fate in the days of Peter, they prayed, not for the assailants to be devoured, but for the light of God to be shed abroad over the people so that the word of God be preached in truth and with precision for signs and wonders to follow. Part of the signs and the wonders was the release of Peter from prison without much ado. Paul and Silas too to the effect that their arresters wanted them to just leave privily. It follows that, if the body of Christ would unite to pray and focus on the same goal which is the Kingdom and not self-aggrandizement, God, who is never on leave would arise in His power and let the wicked hear and see the truth which would set them free from the bondage of the evil one.

The Church prayed for the release of Peter. Nay, the Church was praying for the stoppage of the carnage of the body when Peter was held. If it continued, they were all doomed to suffer the same fate. It is time for unity of faith. Pray earnestly that God will send His light and His Word of truth now. The enemy shall not prevail over us. Welcome to the last quarter in 2021.

Pray: Father, please beam your light through your Church and disperse the surging darkness in Jesus name.

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