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Sinner Beware

Focus: 1 Peter 4:18 - KJV

18. And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

Deutronomy 34:1-5

To every undiscerning soul, sin is sweet. Someone once said in an advert that sweet things kill. As sweet as sin may appear, it is a killer and destroyer of destinies. For as long as a man decides to strive to live in righteousness by his own power, he cannot but offend in the law. And it is clear that an offense in one is an offense in all. So, how can we prevail in the circumstance with sin glaring everyone in the face? We definitely need help to survive. God is no respecter of persons. Wherever sin is found, there is dammnation. Let no devil deceive you, it does not matter what your relationship had been with the Lord. Sin is to the effect of wiping out the good deeds just as righteousness in Christ wipes out the record of old sin. God said so Himself.

Moses for forty years was a vessel of God’s use. From the day he encountered God on the mountain, he was never left alone as he enjoyed constant communion with the Lord. Even the Lord Himself testified to that stating that He spoke with Moses mouth to mouth as against other prophets whom He spoke with through dreams or vision. Even though it is stated that if a man sees God the same would die, this Moses had the effrontery to ask God to reveal Himself to him and God heeded his request and gave him partial view. That was how closely knit the relationship between God and Moses was. However, when Moses failed to honor God before the congregation of Israel, God counted it to him as sin and the same brought damnation unto him. Even though his destiny was to take Israel to the promised land and share the land to them, he was only allowed a view from afar and was not allowed into the fulfilment of that destiny because of sin. What a tragedy!

We can avoid the tragedy of ending up a failure if we will abstain from sin through the righteousness of Christ. When we hide in Christ, old things pass away and we start to live a new life by Christ Jesus. If we follow His tenets, we are not likely to miss it. If per chance we falter, He is there for us as our Advocate to plead our course that we may not end up a shipwreck. Please run into Christ today for all your righteousness, like that of Moses are like filthy rags before the Lord. You can only make it by the help of Christ. Seek help now.

May the Lord hide you therefore in the righteousness of Christ from today; and may you find help in Him to reign with Him in the end in Jesus name. Have a great day in righteous living. God bless you!

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1 Comment

Bayo Ayanga
Bayo Ayanga
Nov 09, 2021

Hello sir. This concept of sin, the redemptive work of Jesus, vis a vis the Law, needs more exposition.

Well done sir


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