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Sons Of God

Focus: Galatians 4:6 - KJV

6. And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.

Romans 8:14-17

There are basically two categories of people on earth, and they are all offspring of Adam. The difference however is, there are two Adams: the first and the second. The first Adam was created son of God, receiving his sonship from the breath of God that was put in him at his creation. The second Adam was born of the Spirit of God who brooded upon his earthly mother to bring forth the Son of God who also doubles as Son of man. Each of the Adams has offspring. The first Adam, having lost the Spirit of life in the garden of Eden, has his offspring in the flesh; whereas, the second Adam, being of the Spirit and therefore Spirit, has His offspring of the Spirit. The difference between the offspring of the one and the other is gleaned through the fruit they bear and precisely how they live. The offspring of the first Adam are purely led by the nose by their flesh, often yielding to lust; on the other hand, those of the second are led by the Spirit and therefore are sons of God.

The sons of God are automatically translated into the position of the main Son in that they become accessible to the throne of the Father and are able to commune with Him as their daddy. They are joint heirs with Christ, and are entitled to His heritage. What a glorious position. However, not everyone that says he is born again is a son of God. From the time of confession to the time of sonship, there is a process: power is given to become sons and not sons automatically. That was why, though “born again”, through lust, Simon the sorcerer sought to purchase the power of the Holy Spirit with money. Hence, it is possible to become a child without attaining sonship just yet or ever, if the person refuses to accept the leading of the Holy Spirit. As for those who attain sonship, they no longer live in the similitude of the first but the second Adam, in whom their lives are hid.

Being a son of God or remaining an offspring of the flesh is a choice. The beginning is with accepting that there is a Spirit that allows a new birth which brings into relationship with the second Adam. This second Adam who is Christ, has opened up the door for everyone who is willing to experience a new birth, in the Spirit. The next will be yielding to the leading of and growing by the Spirit. That connotes blocking our ears and minds to the dictates of the flesh so as not to fulfil the lusts thereof. Today, the enemy seeks to make shipwreck of many who ordinarily have been shown the path to sonship, by whispering lies into their hearts to drag them to lust. Ability to resist the same is in their submitting to the Spirit and resisting the liar. Are you willing to do that? Sonship is yours, if you do.

SOLUTION: Submit fully unto God and resist the devil, always. Doing so gives the Spirit room to operate fully in us to culture us into sons of God.

Please pray: Father, we thank you for the great privilege to be called and to be your sons. Please let your Spirit continue to rule over our lives to the very end that we may be partakers of your inheritance for the saints in Jesus’ name. Do hearken to our heart cries even before we verbalize them in prayers from now on, dear Dad, in Jesus’ name.

If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts, as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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