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Teach Sound Doctrines

Focus: Titus 2:1 - KJV

1. But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:

Titus 2:1-10

Society in not-too-distant past, experienced and enjoyed great values that tended to godliness and therefore crime and social vices were minimal in those days. Yes, vices had been since the days Cain, but the experience in recent times appear to be worse than what was recorded for the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. It will appear that the situation we experience now came to being because of lack of sound doctrines being taught or passed down through actions. A friend once asked what was responsible for the lowering standard of education in some African countries. It was not difficult to identify that the teachers employed were those who graduated with substandard grades as others with good grades considered the teaching job degrading. As they could not give what they did not have, the available teaching staff only passed substandard and therefore inadequate education. The same is true about values and standards in society. It is clear that many that teach scriptures do not know the essence thereof and lack understanding of that which they are called to teach. Hence, things taught has had no impact per se on the hearers. Worse is that, these ones teach something, albeit inaccurate, yet do almost directly the opposite of what is taught. And since we copy more what we see than what we hear, the result is the glaring societal decay.

Beloved, the standards of God are sure. We must seek the right doctrine and teach it throughout all spectrum – to the men, women, elders and children. In actual fact, we ought to impart values through sound doctrines into the younger generations now so that they have something good to live with, without stopping to instruct the grownups and live by example for all to see and emulate. That is when society will be a beautiful, rather than a horrible place, as we find it today. We need to play our parts to put an end to vices like indiscriminate killings, robberies, sodomy and inexplicable character traits.

SOLUTION: Determine to play your part in correcting the ills in society. As you cannot give what you don’t have, you must first imbibe sound doctrines to be able to teach others. Yes, though few, there are still churches where the truth is preached and God is present by His Spirit to teach the people. Search for and locate the same. The Holy Spirit Himself will guide you in the search, if you are genuine.

Father, we are tired of the vices that glare us in the face in our societies in today’s world. Please forgive us for not teaching sound doctrines as you directed before now. Help us to do your will from now in Jesus’ name. Please put an end to the spread of darkness by opening the hearts of people to sound doctrines in the name of Jesus. Let us begin to experience goodness in society by your Spirit in Jesus’ name.

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1 Comment

Adeola Adelaja
Adeola Adelaja
Oct 18, 2022

Very true. One is particularly sad when one sees people you perceived to be men of God behaving terribly. I have found out that our children ( juvenile) don't know anything about Jesus apart from Xmas day. In my ministry I have majority coming from CAC, Redeem etc but sadly they don't know who our Father is. We now decided to have a whole day and night with the children in the church from 9am to the following day Sunday when they go home after service. What do we do? We teach them the word of God. Organise quiz to test their knowledge. You will be surprised that most didn't know the story of Daniel, Samson etc. I feed …

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