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The Banner for the righteous

Key verse: Proverbs 18:10

The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

Psalms 20:1-9

Going through life, we all need a form of defense from the banters of the enemy. Those who assume the idea of an enemy of man is false do so at their own expense because there is a real and present enemy for man who doesn’t want the purpose of God for man to ever be fulfilled. He does everything equally to keep man distant from the One who loves and can save him. But those who find the truth of the love of their God in their lives are shielded in the name of their God from the hauls from the pit of hell where the enemy launches from. And as their God finds them genuinely in love with Him, He protects them under an indestructible banner which gives everlasting protection.

Israel strayed from the God of their father. They worshipped Baal after having been deceived by the enemy through Jezebel and her husband the king. But God found faithfulness in Elijah through whom He purposed to lift the veil of deceit off the face of Israel. Elijah called for a contest to affirm who the living God is. Ahab, the king accepted the contest and assembled all the prophets of Baal without leaving out any to build an altar and call the one whom they professed was God. And Elijah, being the only known prophet of the living God at the time, was to build an altar unto Him. Each side was to call on the God they believed in and the one that answered by fire was to be affirmed as God. The God of Elijah responded without much ado and stood behind His servant while Baal could neither hear nor speak and therefore could not prevent his prophets from being slaughtered. What’s more, Israel got restored to the living God by this affirmation.

The name Elijah called that responded is still very potent today. It gives cover to everyone that calls Him in righteousness. It doesn’t matter the volume of opposition the righteous faces. The theories they are putting together against him is immaterial. God is righteous and knows the heart of the righteous to rescue him in the time of danger. If Elijah had considered the political power of the king and his terrible blood sucking queen, he would not have called the name of the Lord with boldness and effect. Look not at the size of the opposition therefore. Rather, look to the One whose name is mighty to deliver and to save. Call unto Him and He will be your banner indeed from all assaults.

Pray: Father, I rely absolutely on you for safety from the enemy. Please protect me from becoming his prey in any form in Jesus name.

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