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The Faith City

Focus: Hebrews 13:14 - KJV

14. For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.

Hebrews 11:10-16

Man is properly formed to withstand and subdue the earth. However, when corruption was introduced through sin, man fell from capacity and the earth became too tough for the fallen man to subdue and therefore got corrupted equally. So, when the Lord introduced salvation to man through the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ, man was given an opportunity for restoration to his old form. However, the overwhelming rot of the earth and the refusal of men to accept and uphold the faith in Christ makes subduing the earth rather difficult. Hence, the occupants became rather worldly than embracing the faith. But a few saw the promise of redemption that was to bring hope and therefore, submitted themselves unto living by faith even though they could not witness the restoration event.

For those that exist post the restoration event, and accept to live by the faith of Christ, they become strangers or sojourners in the world, as is currently composed, for the transformation they get in the spirit makes them alien to the corrupt world, and they are prepared for a new city built and prepared for the people of faith simpliciter. Meanwhile, they that qualify to enter into the faith city are those who, because of their trust in the Lord’s promises, decide to live their lives in the present earth as if they are already in the faith city by living a life pleasing to their Lord. The Apostles of Christ, for instance, could have lived like every other person in their generation, but they settled for citizenship of the unseen city. Paul’s case was more special: he had operated more in the earthly city as if it was home but later learnt of the faith city and settled for it unflinchingly, till he died.

Beloved, the things of God are achieved by faith in man. Without faith we cannot please God. If we imbibe faith in the promise of the new city, we receive grace to traverse this earth, albeit a scorchy place for citizens of the city of faith. That grace makes us special in the midst of the turmoil in the current earth. And, when we are done here, we enter into the joy of the Lord in the new city, which is to be revealed. But are we really that focused? Are we living by faith; or just blending with the world in all our affairs, pretending to be of God? Clearly, friendship with the world is enmity with God. The just shall live by faith. Life is in the promised city, not in the world.

SOLUTION: Believe God for His promises; do all things trusting God for His faithfulness. When He promises, He fulfils it. There is no basis for doubting Him, no matter the pressure the world brings. Doubters forfeit great promises. Do not doubt.

Father, we are expectant of the revelation of the promised city for believers. Please keep us in faith that we may dwell there with you in Jesus’ name. Whatever the ploy of the enemy to derail us from faith in you, please scuttle and nullify the same in Jesus’ name. And, because of your love for us, please don’t let any of us miss out in the promised city of life in Jesus’ name.

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Thank you for the above write up. More grace be upon you in Jesus' Name.

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