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The God King

Focus: Psalms 95:3 - KJV

3. For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.

Deuteronomy 10:17

To man, the idea of God is diverse. Even though there can only be one God, as God is simply the supreme-most being that exists, there cannot be more than one such being. Hence, different people promote the idea of an existing God which they believe. The scientists and atheists say there is no God, the Islamists say Allah is God; the Judaists and Christians say Yaweh is God; some others have different kind of names for different beings that they call God. Nonetheless, the test of the being that is truly God is His responsiveness to the requests or prayers of His adherents with clear evidence to onlookers.

There was a man in the days of scripture called Elijah. In his days, God had turned His back on Israel because of the affront of the people against Him, in ascribing Godship to a none existent being, which they dubbed Baal. By these events, there was famine in the land and all the efforts of the adherents of Baal could not change the situation. When Elijah stepped up and proclaimed Jehovah as God, even the king, whose wife had mesmerized every one that stood for Jehovah, wondered at his boldness. But Elijah called for a contest: since God should be a responsive being, let the adherents of Baal call on him, and let Elijah call on Jehovah; whichever God showed forth by fire would be honored as God. This contest showed proof that Jehovah is God as He was the only one that showed forth, without much ado.

Like in the days of Elijah, God still responds to those who call on Him genuinely. Every other god is a farce and nonexistent. It is therefore, insulting to exalt them as against the Most-High. Many, like Israel, are suffering the effect of having God turn against them, because they make nonexistent beings their gods. God will not share is glory with another. The earlier we refocus on our God like Israel did in repentance and saw an end to draught, the better for us. When we do, every other interloper pretending to be God over us and bringing hardship our ways, runs into trouble and is dealt with effectively.

SOLUTION: Let us all, as righteous beings, refocus on God, the only living God. The enemy has done enough to deceive us with diverse names most of which do not depict the person of the real God. There is one that the Holy Book teaches us about. The way to Him is through Jesus Christ. If we must know Him, then let us learn about and embrace Jesus Christ and His teachings. Access is guaranteed through Him.

Please, pray thus: Father, I know there is no other God but you. Every being making himself or itself god in my life, I deliver to you today; like you broke the neck and limbs of Dagon, dislocate the same from my life forthwith, in Jesus’ name.

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