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The Hazard in Looking Back

Focus: Luke 9:62 - KJV

62. And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

Genesis 19:24-26

The misbehavior of man through Adam and Eve in the beginning is enough affront for God to grapple with before actualizing the restoration of man from a living dead back to being a living soul through the sacrifice of Christ. Between committing the sin and the eventual ransom, man had existed in bondage on earth being under the oppression of the devil to whom man handed the dominion over the earth. By the coming of Christ, dominion over the earth was wrested from the enemy but allowed only for those who believe the same has been wrested by Christ through His sacrifice. Now, these ones, having been ransomed from the bondage of Satan, are given a new lease of life by becoming born of the Spirit and therefore again, living souls. Upon all that was done to bring this to bear, and having tasted life and living on the two sides of the divide, if anyone decides to leave the state of being a living soul to return to death by reentering into sin, then does the Lord have no pleasure in the same; he is left to his folly to take the consequences of his action. The easy example is Lot’s wife who, though being rescued from destruction, preferred the vanities in the place of destruction and therefore got destroyed for it. Same is the bane of them that lay their hands upon the plough and look back.

Beloved, the year ends today. Glory be to God we are alive and well. But what will it be for you? The Lord has shown us how more pleasurable it is to be in the Kingdom than to be in the world. If you make another U-turn, you will be returning to the old ways and the Lord will not be glad with that as He will not stick suffering betrayal again from man after the ransom. Think about it: shall we continue in sin and ask grace to abound? Every act of sin is an act of looking back after laying hands on the plough. Incidentally, there is no little sin. The simple definition of sin is a challenge to the authority of God. When we go into sin, we only say to God: who are you to be Lord over us? And by so doing we say we have preference for another lord. So, no matter how “flimsy” you assume that issue of sin is, it has the same effect with that which you consider big. God is not our push around. He is justified to say no more if we remain undecided. God loves you. Please decide for Him.

SOLUTION: Be born again. And once you are, take sin for what it is - POISON. Never go near it, never dabble into it again. If you make a mistake, as you are convicted of the Spirit in you, seek the mercy of God. Since it is not a sin unto death, the Lord will keep you in Himself. Say no to sin.

As you prepare for the new year, may the Lord in all His power keep you in the Kingdom never to fall off in the name of Jesus. Throughout the new year, may the Lord shine His countenance on your person in the name of Jesus. Happy New Year in advance, beloved!

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