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The Immovables!

Focus: Psalms 125:1 - KJV

1. They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.

1 Kings 18:17-20

When we place our trust in the Lord, no matter what appears to be a mountain before us becomes like a flint or pebble that we are able to dislodge with an ordinary kick or shove. The real problem with man is finding worthy trust in God. Many claim to believe in God, but do they? Even though it is written that with God all things are possible, when news of danger comes, the first thing for most people is to panic. For instance, when a doctor says someone has what they call an “incurable disease”, even though the people told claim to know God, but the natural response from them is to panic. By so panicking, they have tacitly admitted that the healing of such disease may be impossible with God. Meanwhile, when something is written, it is settled for God cannot deny Himself and He honors His Word above His name. if only the victim would truly trust God for His promises, then will he be solidly grounded and become immovable by whatever lie the enemy tells.

Ahab was the king in Israel while Elijah was a mere prophet and the only one that was visible at the time. As king, Ahab was Commander in Chief and could do and undo, while Elijah, at the time had even no servant or support from any quarter. Nonetheless, Elijah trusted His God to be true and therefore stock with Him to confront the king of his land. He first shut the heavens that there was no rain for over three years for which there was great draught in the land. He later audaciously summoned the king to come to see him. Of course, because the king wanted the situation in the land reversed, he obeyed the unsupported man. When they met, the king indicted Elijah as troubler of Israel. Elijah was not perturbed at the stature of the king. Rather, he counter-indicted the king and his father’s house for crime against Israel. What effrontery? Yet, the king could not lift a finger against him. He even continued to direct the king on what next he should go and get done. That can only happen because he had some quality backing, albeit invincible. If we too would trust God enough without doubting Him, we will be able to stand before and dumbfound kings and rulers because of the Lord’s backing. Indeed, we shall become immovable like the mountain Zion.

As you begin to put your trust in God from hence, God will establish you solidly and make you unmovable for the enemy in Jesus name. Be strong in the Lord. Trust Him firmly.

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