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The merciful God

Memorize: Psalms 85:7

Shew us thy mercy, O LORD, and grant us thy salvation.

Read: Ephesians 2:1-10

God is justified to be angry with man. The justification is borne out of the fact that He created man and placed the affairs of the entire earth upon his shoulders. But man betrayed God and handed over the reins of the earth to God’s enemy. His anger however, is only for a moment because He is merciful as a person. When in wrath, all He does is look away and the enemy has a free day to carry out his enterprise which is to steal, kill and destroy. But because of His mercy, He comes to the rescue of man even while he is yet in filth by making His wrath to cease. So, it is by His grace that we are saved and not by our works to warrant boasting of good deeds.

Incidentally, sin is sin. Some put some weight on some elements of sin over the other. But sin is simply a challenge to God’s authority or simply put, disobedience to God. A liar lies to be free from something and bring someone else in his stead. A murderer kills to take benefit or pleasure as against the victim. In both cases, there is absence of love, and that is sin. The entirety of the commands of God boils down to love. So, it does not matter what the state of your being is, the mercy of God can still bring you salvation from sin if only you will accept His invite today. David had killed a man to have his wife, he cried to God who is rich in mercy and He forgave him. Saul of Tarsus was a tormentor and murderer of the followers of Christ, yet he received mercy. His own case is one that no man in the flesh can comprehend. God had said touch not my anointed. This Saul superintended the stoning to death of Deacon Steven. Even the other disciples doubted the genuineness of his conversion when he was introduced.

The bottom line is that no matter what your past has been, God can still receive you into His Kingdom if you will come to Him. The issue will then be, when He has drawn you unto Himself, what you do with your life thereafter. You cannot afford to return to your old ways else you draw His wrath in a higher propensity. Stand firm in the salvation that has been bought for you and you will finish well and strong like Paul. Come to Jesus today. If you had been frolicking after coming to Him, He is willing to wink at the days of your ignorance if you will return home now like the prodigal son did. But please don’t get out again. Outside are the dogs.


Father we thank you for your mercy that brought us salvation. Please help us to keep our names written in the Book of Life to the end in Jesus name.

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