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The Upright And The Wicked Juxtaposed

Focus: Proverbs 10:29 - KJV

29. The way of the LORD is strength to the upright: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.

Proverbs 10:24-32

One thing determines who is just and who is wicked. It is the way of the Lord. The way of the Lord is found in the pursuance of His instruction and doing His will. Hence, when a person does the will of God, he is said to be walking in the way of the Lord and therefore upright or just. The converse is equally true: whoever refuses to walk in the way of the Lord is considered wicked. While the just receives strength from the way of the Lord, those who fail to pursue the way are fraught with iniquity and never pleasing to God. Those who are just make requests and are granted; on the other hand, because the wicked is estranged from the Lord, he is not able to make a request but that which he fears comes on him; he passes away like the whirlwind and is remembered no more; his years are shortened and his expectations fail. By and large, for every positive thing that happens to the just in the way of the Lord, the flip side is very true for the unjust or wicked one. But it is not the mind of God that any be found wicked. It is the enemy that deceives men away from the way of the Lord. Once deceived, except they repent and find pardon in the Lord, they remain in darkness which is the place for weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. One wonders how so comfortable it is for those who continue in wickedness knowing quite well that there is a better side in the way of the Lord.

Beloved, it is not so difficult to verify whether or not we are just or wicked. God is our Creator, Redeemer and our Lord. In other words, He owns us. When He directs a way and we turn against it, we cannot be counted just but wicked. So, let us check ourselves today! If there are places where we have departed from the way of the Lord, we should realize we are already tending towards wickedness and therefore, quickly make amend. When Joshua did a check after his defeat at Ai, he could do a recompense and win many more battles thereafter, because the Lord returned to him as he was restored in the way of the Lord. We can also be fully restored today if we will do a proper check and repent.

SOLUTION: God detests iniquity. Check where the faults are; restitute your ways by returning to the way of the Lord. Determine never to veer off again. Confront the places where you lost battles in the past and get your victory back as you are restored to the way of the Lord.

Our Father and our God we hallow your name. Please keep us steadfast in your way all the days of our lives in the name of Jesus. Whenever we appear to want to stray by the deception of the enemy, please hold us up in your way by your Spirit so that we may never slide in Jesus’ name. For everyone that had been deceived and had veered out of the way, by your mercy today, please restore them unto yourself and keep them fervently in your way never to depart again in Jesus’ name.

Please share to others. God bless you as you do.

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