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The Word-ordered steps

Text: Psalms 119:133

Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.

Read: Psalms 119:97-107

The sea is such a large terrain that anyone that must navigate the sea requires a compass to avoid getting lost. The essence of the compass is to check from time to time that he has not veered off his course. In the same vein, anyone that must survive the earth otherwise called the world requires a compass so as not to get lost.

The one who created the earth is the Word. He is from above and is above all. When you operate from a higher level, you see farther than those on the lower plane. Therefore, the Word from above, has the whole earth in His view at any point in time. David relied absolutely on the Word to be able to dwell above iniquity. When he shifted focus, he fumbled. Anyone who fails to dwell above iniquity like David, makes himself subservient to the devil and therefore pain. The pain is not just for this earth but also in eternity.

But those who dwell in the Word of God have a guarantee of life and even life more abundantly. What the Word can do is to ensure the user is able to find booby traps and avoid them; he is able to scale hurdles and reflect upon himself whether he has not been smeared with dirt. Indeed, he is not allowed to grope in darkness but has smooth sailing journey as he goes.

The Word is contained in the Bible. It is called the living Word of God. For you to succeed on the planet earth, you need to study and meditate on the Word. There are no short cuts. It is good to listen to sermons and teachings from others; but it is best you meditate on it yourself that you may see the picture in the scripture. Once you do, the Word comes alive in you and gives you strength for the journey. Study the Word.


Father, help me to overcome distractions that I may dwell completely in your Word from now on in Jesus name. Let your Word keep me in safety till I meet with you in glory; help me never to depart from the statements therein in Jesus name.

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