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Trust Not In Vain Things

Key verse: Psalms 20:7

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.

Exodus 14:5-9

The word of God affirms that the horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD. No matter the extent of weapons of warfare a person wields, it is only the support of the Lord that brings victory in any battle. Some may think their riches will avail in their battles; how so wrong they will discover they are when the Lord is not on their side. Others have so fortified their dwellings against the assailing enemy but in vain when God is not involved. The over fortified Jericho was one day suddenly exposed for the not so equipped Israel army to have a swell day in battle. At a time, the Israelites had no blacksmith to assist in making weapons in their land. They got their swords and weapons of war from the Philistines. It goes without saying that the sophistry of the Philistine weapons at the time was greater than what they made for Israel. Hence, when David was to use Saul’s armor against Goliath, the latter had the better armor and God knew that. With the armor of Goliath, he still lost his head while the armor-less David stood over him.

Rather than trust in unsavory things, we are implored to put our trust in God first. He will in turn suggest the best armor for our battles. He had fought with hailstones and won before: ask Joshua; he had used trees to destroy the enemy before: ask Absalom; he had used water to destroy an army before: ask Pharaoh. With all the paraphernalia of war paraded by Pharaoh against a slave congregation without any appreciable armor, Pharaoh, his hosts, chariots and horses all perished in the Red Sea, while the slave congregation stood to watch the drama. The difference is: the slaves trusted in God rather than weapons of war. We also can start putting our trust in God regarding our battles. But we must obey His leading. I perceive when the Red Sea parted and Moses told Israel to match into it, the first instinct would have been, assume the waters returned while they were in? Yet, they went on without looking back because they trusted God to see them through.

Let us also trust and obey God from hence and put our minds out of those vain things which we have acquired that give us false hope that there will be victory because we possess them. Safety is of the Lord.

Pray: Father, I put my hands in your hands trusting you for safety; please keep me safe to the end in the name of Jesus Christ.

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