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Text: Psalms 141:3

Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.

Bible Reading:

Genesis 37:5-11


Talkativeness is a bane to life and development. It tends towards exposing secrets and precious information to the enemy. Many have had their destinies affected negatively through the things they say. A great lesson need be learnt from the life of Joseph. Although the brethren who sold him to slavery aided the accomplishment of his dreams, if not for the mercy of God he could have been killed. At any rate, what is the essence of a disclosure that tends to move others to envy? The Lord in curbing our talkativeness gave a code to assist us. He said to use the code “WAIT” anytime we feel like talking. WAIT simply stands for Why Am I Talking? What do you stand to gain from what you are about to say? The people you are talking to have little or nothing to contribute positively to the attainment of your set dreams. So why spill the beans to them? Samson did not put the code to use and he lost his anointing and his eyes for it and eventually his life in a sorry manner. That information that is burning your heart to spill, why must you spill it? The moment you say it, you cannot completely retract it. The things you say are not only heard by men, they are heard by spirits also. It is the spirits of darkness through their wiles and devices that use your statements to give a wrong perception to your neighbor that makes him to loathe and envy you to create problems for you. Truth is you need help from above for without the Lord you can do nothing, including WAIT. Seek His help today.

Prayer Guide:

Father, please help me to keep the door of my mouth so that I do not say wrong things with it at any time all through my life in the name of Jesus Christ.

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