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Walk surely

Text: Proverbs 10:9

He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known.

Bible Reading:

1 Samuel 28:3-12


One of the first things we learnt from one of God’s “Generals” in this generation as a child of God is that whatever we do that no one should hear of is a thing done in darkness and therefore is sin. If indeed our deeds are right, there is no basis for doing it under cloak. There is nothing hid that will not be revealed. Every hidden deed is a form of perversion and inimical to the will of God for your life. Jacob through perversion got his brother’s blessings from their father. His perversion was revealed and he became a fugitive for twenty years. Meanwhile, the one for whom he ran had moved on and had prospered. King Saul assumed he was able to hide his identity when he was unearthing the idolatry he caused to be buried. Yet he was found out. What he got therefrom remained judgment. Many bask in the euphoria of secrecy and concealment in delving headlong into darkness not knowing that their deeds are not only plainly seen of God but also of some men. If the discussions and hidden deeds of the most powerful man on earth can be revealed to the whole world, where do you think your concealment will take you to? What is that ‘secret’ sin in your life? Don’t be deceived it is not so secret after all. You may not have been brought to book by men basically because most of them are equally complicit; but how about God: do you think He does not see or know? He that created the eyes, shall He not see? Why don’t you run for your dear life and repent urgently so that the Lord can restore you to your first love? He loves you still. What He abhors is that thing you hold on to and assume it is secret. Drop it for it is too hot for you to handle in the long run.


Lord Jesus, I commit my ways unto your hands. Please take me away from all shady acts that I may be pleasing unto God in Jesus name.

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