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Watch and Pray!

Focus: Mark 13:33 - KJV

33. Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.

Mark 13:32-37

Whatever is beyond our reach is not something we can agitate or scamper for. Rather, we should seek help regarding it. Many people live on earth not knowing their scorecard before their Maker, which scorecard will determine the reception they will receive from the Maker when they appear before Him. Indeed, the Maker is the owner of all things and has committed a part to them to administer till He comes. But the signs of the coming of the Maker are showing all over. How many people have lived up to the expectation of the Maker? The beauty of things is that the Maker is a very compassionate and merciful person. In order not to fall into His wrath, two things are paramount to do: be watchful of what we do regarding our God given assignments and be prayerful that His mercy may prevail instead of judgment when He eventually comes.

Beloved, this fateful day, please set all things aside to reflect on how your life has been: check your faithfulness unto God and your fellow men. From the scorecard you have assessed by yourself, you will find that you are not perfect in anyway. Yet God’s requirement is perfection. Ask Abraham! To be worthy of Him therefore, please pray that He will look upon you with mercy and keep you in His good books till He returns. This is a day the Lord has made to help ransom many from the plan of the enemy to distract from the right course. Please pray.

SOLUTION: Lay yourself bear before the Lord today. Let Him know it is not out of pride that you are not perfect. Ask Him for mercy in all ramification of your life.

The Lord will be merciful to us all in Jesus name. We shall no longer veer away from His course in the name of Jesus. And for those whose birthday is today, it shall be well with you and the Lord shall keep you strong and well for His coming in Jesus name. The best of this day you will have. Remain blessed.

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