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Watchword: Holiness!

Focus: Leviticus 20:26 - KJV

26. And ye shall be holy unto me: for I the LORD am holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be mine.

Genesis 17:1

Two cannot walk together except they be agreed. That is one principle we must put to heart if we must walk with God. Agreement here has to do with holiness or complete purity which is an attribute of God. When God found Abram to be of good heart, He decided to specially bless him and Abram in turn, wanted to befriend God. As things went by, it happened that Abram’s obedience was not complete and total. That for God, was impurity. Hence, God told Abram to walk BEFORE Him and be perfect. Walking before is not walking with. The prequalification to ‘walking with’, is walking before. If indeed you are found perfect in walking before, then can God find you worthy to walk with. So, to walk before God should not be the goal of a believer. When Enoch walked WITH God, they became so bonded and inseparable. That is the ultimate. For us to walk with God therefore, the Lord must be able to see Himself in us. So, the key thing is, in the same way that the Lord is holy, we ought also to be holy. Like it is not possible for us to walk with God until we are holy, those who strive to walk with God are separated from others who are not so pure for it is possible for their impurity to rob off on the pure. Holiness is however a complete total state and not half-half. You cannot be holy in appearance but not in speech or character or anything at all. As God is holy, we must be holy.

Whatever it is that is soiling your purity is an impediment to your walking with God. The way you talk to people particularly the subordinates must be seasoned with gentleness and love; your character must be glazed with love; even your thoughts must be pure in every way. Treating others in a way God will not treat them makes us unlike God and therefore unholy. Bottom line, holiness is living in absolute obedience to the commands and the way of God. You can be holy. Everyone and anyone can be holy. Christ taught us how: follow Him.

SOLUTION: Keep focus on the things of God and heaven. Christ is our example. Let’s follow His footsteps, obey His directives and stay on the course He has pointed us to. Soon we will also be walking with God.

Father, I want to walk with you and indeed cherish your embrace: please cleanse me inside out that I may be as holy as you are all through my life in Jesus’ name. Do please help me to love you and my neighbors genuinely so that whatever you cannot do, I wont also do ever again in Jesus’ name. Keep me with you walking together for the rest of my life in Jesus’ mighty name.

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