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We all belong to Christ

Focus: Colossians 1:16 - KJV

16. For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

John 1:1-5

God is the one Supreme Being, the Creator and Ruler of the universe. In essence, there is only one God. The concept of different gods deviate from the truth as there can only be one being that can be God. If only there can be empirical fact pointing to another being as being mightier than the one we call the Almighty currently, can we then regard the new being as the God because the idea of God can only be fitting to one Being. But this One Being has manifested and introduced Himself to man in different dispensations in diverse ways. One of these ways is to present Himself by His Word as well as making that Word take the flesh of man to live among men as the Son of Man. That same Son of Man was with the Father from the beginning and is not different from the Father. And because He is the Word of the Father, when in the beginning God said, let there be, it was the One who became the Son of Man that was projected to perform the intended action. Hence, since the bulk of creation was achieved by the Word of God, it follows that the Word achieved creation. As much as we cannot separate the Word from God, we need not attempt to separate the Son of Man who is the Word of God from God. The Word is God.

If we realize this very clear fact as pointed out by scripture, we ought not to have a problem struggling with ourselves over the capacity and capabilities of the Lord Jesus Christ in our affairs. Since He created us, He knows us inside out and more than we do know ourselves. It is therefore important that we submit to His Lordship to be able to ascribe the benefits of doing so unto ourselves. Such benefits will include the fact that all creation is in His care and He can bestow materials unto anyone as He wills. Materials will include not only wealth but also health. Today, let us take a deep thought, reflect and act: if indeed Jesus has control of the universe which He created, why can’t I submit to Him? If I submit to Him, what do I stand to lose and if I do submit to him, what do I stand to gain? If we will answer these questions sincerely to ourselves, we will be on the path of good life soon.

SOLUTION: Submit yourself unto Christ who is God and see Him carry you in His palms. Then are you able to resist the devil effectively and as the devil flees from you, a life of true bliss begins.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by whom and for whom we were made, we shall not relegate God in our affairs ever again from now. By the power in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, we shall be pleasing unto God going forward in Jesus name. In every way that the enemy has been affecting us, as we submit to Christ and His dominion today, we resist the devil permanently and he will never trouble us again in these matters in Jesus’ name.

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