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What is your defense of?

Focus: Psalms 7:10 - KJV

10. My defence is of God, which saveth the upright in heart.

1 Samuel 23:19-29

Saul was the King in Israel and the Commander in Chief of the powerful Israeli army at the time. For no just cause, he was turned against David his armor bearer and member of his Council. At a time, when some never-do-gooders saw the countenance of Saul towards David, they brought tales about David telling Saul where he was hiding away from the javelin of the king. David was in hiding not because he was such a coward but that when anyone bears the anointing of the most high, he should not be tampered with. Nonetheless, Saul had concluded in his heart that David must die. Why? Just because he was preferred of God! As God had preferred David, He never left him alone. When Saul went in his pursuit, God caused him to hear a bad news that threw him off the pursuit of David to face a fiercer challenge. That saved the neck of David whose defense was of God from the hands of a deadly king Saul.

If we decide like David to make the Almighty our defense, no matter the sagacity of the enemy, we are assured of safety in the Lord. But the condition is that we ought also to be upright in heart. Saul was God’s anointed king. David too was anointed king by the same vessel that anointed Saul. David could only hide in God because he was not of an evil heart towards Saul or any other of God’s people. If we too must enjoy safety in the Lord, like David, we must be sure that we are upright in heart. Not being so is of the tendency of exposing us to the danger or javelin of our Saul when the chips are down.

SOLUTION: Those who seek to have God as defense must be sure to be free from evil deeds. We cannot be evildoers and seek safety in a good God. It cannot work that way.

This day, the Lord will arise in your defense against every pursuer of your life in Jesus name. Those who seek to truncate your destiny shall be given adversity to cater for that you may be free of their pursuit of you in Jesus name. All stubborn pursuers shall meet their waterloo this day if they fail to retreat, in the name of Jesus Christ. Ride on beloved; you are defended.

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