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Your prayers are intact

Focus: Psalms 66:20 - KJV

20. Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me.

Daniel 10:2-13

Often times when we pray, the silence from the spiritual realm becomes so deafening that we wonder what happened to our prayers. We are assured that God is not deaf and hears us when we call on Him; we have checked and are certain that there are no known sins that may have hindered the rising of our prayers to the high heavens. At any rate, we are certain that by the reason of the blood of Jesus which we plead regularly, mercy ought to operate for us. Yet here we are without an answer. Well, from the story of Daniel, we realize that this can happen: not because God did not here and answer but by the activities of our eternal enemy who also is the accuser of the brethren. Even dead Moses, when his body was to be taken up to God as directed, Satan withstood the angel that was to do so pouring out accusation on why the body must not be retrieved. But God prevailed. For Daniel too, God prevailed in that a stronger angel removed the opposition raised by the devil albeit after more than twenty-one days that Daniel had fasted and prayed.

You also may be facing issues regarding answers to your prayers and you are wondering where now is the face of the Lord. Be of good cheer, God has not turned away your prayer and neither has He forsaken you as the devil is wont to suggest to you at this time. Don’t listen to his voice. What he seeks is for you to forsake God while your breakthrough is very near. If you will recall everything you are waiting for answers to at this time, I suggest you rise in holy anger and rebuke the devil withstanding your answer right now. Like Michael said to him in the encounter over Moses’ body, you too can confront him and tell him “the Lord rebukes you Satan concerning my (name it), in the name of Jesus”. Let’s see what devil can further delay your answer after you have done so.

SOLUTION: Submit yourself unto God and resist the devil is the counsel of God. Do so today and see the devil leave the angel delivering your answers alone to do his bidding.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, every satanic agent standing between you and the fulfilment of your destiny shall be roasted today. Wherever the angel bringing your goodness have been held down with accusations, we command a total release now in the name of Jesus. Because it is written that at the mention of the name of Jesus all knees should bow in every realm, I join my faith with yours to command that every knee in every realm should bow for your sake right now that your answers should come by fire in Jesus’ name. There is no stopping you. Go and prosper.

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