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Dearly Beloved,

David, Man After God’s Heart Acts 13:22 - KJV “22. And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave testimony, and said, I have found David the son of 

      Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil 

      all my will.”

This is to welcome you to the first day in the second half of the year 2022. In this new month, the Lord has promised that it will be a month of total recovery. May it be so for you in all the areas of your loss hitherto, in Jesus’ name.

Today, the Lord is opening our eyes and mind to another phenomenon in scripture. This phenomenon raises a poser as to what qualifies a man as a man after God’s heart?

The heart is the source of the issues of life. In essence, the heart dictates the character of its bearer. At a time in the days of scripture, it is recorded that the Lord expressed the fact that the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it? It follows that the heart of man puts forth wickedness in man. 

Conversely however, the heart of God is ladened with love, mercy and longsuffering, to mention but a few.  So, character-wise, whilst God is full of love, mercy and compassion, man is full of wrath hatred, mischief and horror. When you do not imagine, man comes up with heinous actions such as issues of life coming out of depraved heart.

David was a man born to his father, Jesse of the tribe of Judah as the last son. It appeared from biblical narrative that he was not so loved by his family as he was the one made to take care of the father’s few sheep. This he did in a very devastating and dangerous terrain. At a point in the said terrain, he confronted or was confronted by a lion and he had to tear the same to prevent it from taking from the father’s flock. This did not lead him to revolt against the father or indeed the entire family. He still kept the sheep thereafter and subsequently met with a bear and gave it the same fate that met the lion. Even at this, he was not recorded to have begrudged anyone.

This manner of heart depicts a beautiful character which is akin to that of God. Despite every evil act of man towards God, He keeps supplying the sun and the rain in due season without fail to those who do not reckon with His presence. When He even invites them to His goodness, they kill His messengers and mesmerize them but, He, as a person never changes from being a loving and caring God. This similarity in heart dispositions must have made the Lord to locate the man David in his shepherding business and brought him to the throne instead of the stone hearted king Saul.

David did not disappoint God save in the matter of Urriah the Hittite. Or how do we rate a man who:

  1. Got to the battle field to give provisions to his brothers who were in the army only to decide to confront the obstacle facing the entire country. From the ordinary observer, it is not his business to go into battle with Goliath as the man was pointedly challenging the men of the Israeli army of which he was not yet one. Nonetheless, he volunteered to face the war veteran even though he was not known to have fought in any war. That seem to exemplify that which Christ later spoke about concerning greater love. He summarily volunteered his life to ransom his kindred/friends. Like Christ, David was a great lover.

  2. When the enemy had told the king a lie like he did Judas Iscariot, and the king became obsessed against the life of David, rather than defend himself against the king and the anointed of God, he rather took to his heels in a bid to pursue peace and holiness so that he may remain pleasing unto God.

  3. The ordinary man would have become so emboldened to raise an army against the throne of Israel in the circumstance of David. From the day he got anointed secretly as the next king in Israel, the ordinary would have envisioned an opportunity to ascend the throne particularly when it was the same prophet that anointed the king that denounced the same and made David. Yet, David would rather understudy the king as he found himself by providence in Council, dining and making State decisions with the king.

  4. Further to that, when the king appeared to be insane and needed succor from a minstrel and David was recommended, David could have found occasion to kill the king and declare himself as king in his stead with the full support and backing of the prophet. But David would not do so. He even ministered to the king to relieve him of his madness. What an irony! Like God, even when we offend Him and become vulnerable, He affords us the opportunity to have a rethink and come back to our senses, like He did to Nebuchadnezzar.

  5. The greatest opportunity a person with a warped mind could look for was offered David at the occasions when the king threw javelin at him. He could have thrown a dart or stone at the king to kill him supposedly in self defence but he did not do so. He would rather escape and allow the king be.

  6. Even when he ran and the king pursued, he had occasions to have slaughtered the king but would not. When he made the mistake of cutting the skirt of the king his heart smote him sore. He yet called the king “daddy” despite all the hatred shown to him. What manner of heart did David carry? How many in his shoes would have done the same?

  7. David, whilst hiding from Saul, got himself busy to the extent of protecting the farming business of Nabal amongst others, from enemy incursion. In those days, he could have struck the business for himself without consequence but the man who had so much prowess and might would rather use his might to protect the weak Nabal and his empire rather than impound the same. There was no war when Ahab and his wife took Naboth’s vineyard rather than protect it and its owner. That is the way of many today. Rather than shield others from loss, they will rather amass and amass the more without caring about the fate of others.

  8. David was in hiding without a vocation or wealth. But a number of people dubbed vagabonds sought him in his hiding to be with him. He could have avoided responsibility for them and just for himself alone, seek the face of the philistine king as a refugee. But, not David. He rather sought refuge for everyone with him and not himself alone and for his large heart, he got for himself and his team a whole town called Ziklag. For some other people, they do not realize that their self-centeredness is responsible for their minute estate in life.

  9. When the king eventually met his waterloo, rather than rejoice that the Lord has brought an end to his enemy, David mourned for the demise of Saul and Jonathan. So many others would even be praying ahead that their supposed enemy be killed and they would call a party once they find it so. No, not David. His heart was full of love and so devoid of wickedness.

  10. The prayers of David in aggravating situations were never compromising his heart of love. As David sought the face of God, he concerned himself with his defence from the hands of the “enemy” and never the annihilation of the enemy. Yes, he reported the evil they hauled at him, but he constantly sought to be defended from same and nothing more. His is a pointer to the truism in the knowledge of the fact that God does not kill because there is no wickedness in Him. Many pray to their father the devil every time they ask that fellow beings whom God says we should love as ourselves be killed to please them. O yes! When they so pray, their father seeks occasion against their target to see that the edge of fire is not around him and then strike the same. When so struck and the same dies, the “prayer champion” jumps up jubilant that he has caused the death of his “enemy” with the effrontery to say thank you to God thereby ascribing wickedness to God. How so wrong!

But how did David acquire this manner of heart? David was a man who loved to praise God composing the Psalms and singing hymns with the harp and other musical instruments unto God aside from meditating on the word of God daily. But it will appear that there was a little snag in his meditation: either the word he meditated upon was not fully the truth about God or the meditation took him into a little flaw about knowing God. It is one thing to know Psalm 23 and it is another thing to know the Shepherd Himself. There are many like that. For David, his flaws on the meditation happened in the days of ignorance which the Lord had promised to wink at. Such allowance is not available to those who are exposed to the Gospel with the myriad of investment the Lord has put into Kingdom pursuit.

Friends, David as a man had his flaws, perhaps borne out of inappropriate meditation. He failed to deal with lust in his life. He liked women to a fault and the devil capitalized on this to deal a great blow to dent his victory of love. For instance, it is observable that the price of marrying the daughter of the king, one of the princesses, lured him to volunteer to confront Goliath; when he came against Nabal with a view to avenging himself on him but was met by Nabal’s wife, David, it would appear, became attracted to the woman. Although the culture in Israel then was for a member of the family of a deceased man to marry his widow, David did not wait for any such of the kindred of Nabal to come forward before he asked for her to be brought to him to wife and no one dared say but why? So, the devil craftily used this weakness to get him to hurt Urriah to the extent of moving from adultery to lying and then to murder. How are the mighty falling! 

What is the state of your heart? God is still seeking people who are after His heart. Can He rely on you to love despite situations and circumstances? Can you, like Christ pray for your “enemies” saying father forgive them for they are just ignorant? Are you not obsessed against those who did you no ill but in your anticipation and wicked heart you assume you should “kill them before they kill you” meanwhile they have no such mind towards you? Are you a warped minded father who in the craze to destroy his “son” became vulnerable and the same person he sought to kill was still according him respect calling him “daddy” and shamefacedly, he still called the same his son, like king Saul did David, to the hearing of witnesses? 

These things do not depict the heart of God but that of man which is desperately wicked. For God, He would rather set aside ninety nine of a hundred sheep to seek one which is lost. Not doing this is only a clear pointer and an indicator of a clearly different heart from the heart of God. But you know what? God made us in His own image and likeness. Until we return to same, which is bearing the heart of love, we are not worthy of Him. Or can two walk together except they be agreed? 

Please conform urgently that you may have the best of this second half of the year twenty twenty-two and beyond.

God loves you. Love others also. God is Love!


With love,


(Brother Jide)

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