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Abide In Christ

Focus: 1 John 2:28 - KJV

28. And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his coming.

Genesis 3:6-11

The countdown to the end of the year suggests there are only about fifteen days left in the year. But as the days go by, so do the coming of the Lord draws near. There is a promise that those who abide in Christ by enduring the hardships of the world, shall see Him at His appearing and would be exactly as He is. Oh! “Little children” refers to those who are just born of God and need to learn the rope of becoming sons. Although Peter was biologically older than Christ, when after the resurrection, Christ appeared to the fishing disciples, including Peter, He called them little children because their action at the time was akin to that of babes. More importantly, to abide in Christ is to have His words dwell in us and obey His commands at all times. When we do, at His appearing, we will have the boldness to show up and embrace our Lord and lover. It is similar to His appearing in the garden of Eden. The man was not in a good stead when He did appear and therefore needed to hide as he was ashamed. Shame awaits those who are not met in good stead. What then is He saying today? The time is nearer now than we imagine. His coming will be like a thief in the night. Like it happened in the days of Noah, no special notice will be given. We are therefore to be prepared. No messing around; no wrong assumptions. Those who are caught unawares shall be ashamed before Him. Please don’t let that ever happen to you.

What is your status today: are you operating in the path the Lord has appointed for you or you are already off the track? Please don’t let the happenings around you deceive you. Some appearances are deceptive. The fact that you are able to acquire wealth, enjoy good health and a sound mind, is not a conclusive proof that you are in good stead with God. The way to do so is in your regular check up to ensure nothing is lurking somewhere with the potential to injure the inheritance of the Kingdom.

SOLUTION: Live every day as if it is the day of the Lord’s appearance. Flee from every appearance of evil. Do not ever allow anger to reside in you over any night. Let peace with and love for others be your watchword. Let your garment retain a white status just like snow. No spot or wrinkle will be shameless on that day.

Daddy, we know you love us and you have shown us the way; but we are not able to carry ourselves through without your help. Please help us to carry through in the name of Jesus Christ. Help us to appear unashamed before you at your return in Jesus’ name. If there be anything that we have with us or in us or any of us, that may prevent the same person from appearing before you unashamed, please by your mercy, remove the impediment today in Jesus’ name and help us all never to return to filth ever again in Jesus’ name.

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