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Avoid Evil Ways

Focus: Proverbs 4:14-15 - KJV

14. Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. 15. Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away.

Proverbs 1:10-16

When we speak of wickedness, we speak about acts that dovetail eventually into shedding of blood. It is not necessarily until a lethal weapon is employed that the blood is shed. There are acts of wickedness that are aimed at killing, without the killer being visible. For instance, when a snare is prepared for the fowler, the trap setter is never in full view. So also, is the wicked. When we allow hatred and vindictiveness to overtake us, then we are urged to avenge ourselves, and in doing so, set traps that may lead to the death of the hated, without “intending” it. Isn’t it wicked for someone to say because while he was a junior staff, he was not accorded recognition by a contractor and by providence, now that he is the boss, he must ensure the said contractor is starved? Will it be wrong to say that he killed the contractor, if the same eventually died out of lack?

The mind of God is that we do not enter into the path of the wicked, which path is aimed at reducing another being, or hurting them in any one way or the other. Rather than do that, we are enjoined not to render evil for evil. Avenging oneself is evil, since God Himself says vengeance is His. Vengeance in any form, whether subtle or loud, is wicked, whether we want to believe it or not. It is the path of the wicked to see that someone is about to make headway somewhere, and proceed to damage the reputation of the same so that he may not be favored. It is crass wickedness to lay boobies on the way of any human being even if you perceive the same does not like you. Truth is, there is nothing wicked that is done that has no backlash of its own. The repercussion may not be immediately visible; in due time it comes forth. Ask king Saul; the men of Shechem and Abimelech; even Judas Iscariot. Wickedness begets repercussions: for he who kills by the sword shall also die by the sword. Not the sword alone, but all similar means.

Friends, the way of the wicked is slippery and never smooth. Looking for wealth at all cost thereby hacking down others in the way; looking for political office or position and dragging down people who do not believe in your ambition; refusing to give to a candidate his deserving position because of some bias or unforgiven past deeds, are acts of wickedness and such paths are not expected of those who are of God, and seek to make heaven. Please let us desist from the wicked paths.

SOLUTION: Whatever things that do not give life, are wicked things and should be eschewed completely. Never take a thought to hurt anyone. When we hurt, it is done in wickedness. Love hurts no one.

Please pray: Dear Lord, help me not to walk in the path of the wicked all through my life, in the name of Jesus. Whatsoever I have done in the past, in the days of my ignorance, that is tantamount to wickedness, please forgive, in Jesus’ name. Let the repercussion set for such actions be washed away by the blood of the lamb, in Jesus’ mighty name.

If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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