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Be prepared

Text: Matthew 24:44

Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

Bible Reading: 24: 4-51


God dwells in eternity that is not delimited by time. He has promised everyone that endures to the end, a place with Himself. The life of a man is so short here on earth that it is depicted to span one hundred and twenty years. The reality on ground due to pollution and other vices show that average life expectancy is about eighty years at the most for many. Only exceptional cases go beyond then. In mathematical terms therefore, the life of a man on earth is infinitesimally small compared to existence in eternity. The Bible says a thousand years is like a watch in the night. It means a thousand years is like eight eternity hours in a manner of speaking. So, the life of a man who lives full span is only about forty minutes or less in eternity. It becomes baffling to assume that anyone will because of the frolic of less than an hour forfeit the bliss of eternity. That is the bane of those who are turning their backs on the awareness of the Lord’s return for His elect. All the signs He spoke about have been fulfilled. All the apparatus that will make all eyes see it are in place. Imagine the surprise of those who did not believe at the time of Noah! A repeat is about to happen now. It is going to be a sudden event when there won’t be room for repentance. Those who don’t make it will experience eternity in turmoil. Those who heed will reign in bliss and in the presence of God. Are you prepared for the Lord’s coming? It is sooner than you imagine. Daily examine yourself so that you are not shut out. Outside are the dogs. Be prepared.


Father, please don’t let me destroy my eternity with the short experience here in Jesus name.

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