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Christ is drawing you

Memorize: John 12:32

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

Read: John 12:23-32

The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ was to change the lopsided state of the world in which sin and wickedness ruled and reigned and to supplant the same with the Kingdom of God which is made of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. This would however not have happened unless and until the righteous man dies for the sin of the unrighteous. Christ understood this so well and knew that once the death is accomplished by His being lifted on the cross, then by spiritual arrangement, all men are drawn away from condemnation and damnation due to sin, since the price would have been fully paid. This has been accomplished.

However, faith is yet to be formed in many to receive the benefit of that lifting. It is only those who truly believe that the wages of their sin have been paid by another that are able to live without being weighed down by a burden that had already been lifted. It is akin to a criminal condemned to death by hanging who, while awaiting the hangman’s visit was told the Governor has granted an amnesty since someone else has said he is the one who committed the crime. Rather than take the liberty and go home, the originally alleged and sentenced criminal stays back in jail waiting for execution. In that case, it is not the fault of the Governor or the one that came in his stead; it is that the criminal loves death and would rather die than be free. In the same vein, Christ has offered every man freedom from sin. If there is any who refuses to take that liberty, it is his lookout. As he thinks in his heart so he is.

You believe you are still a sinner because of Adam, so you will manifest. But if you believe you have been ransomed by the righteousness of Christ, that is who you are. The beauty of that is, when you take the liberty Christ gives you, where He is, that is where you will operate from – far above principalities and powers. That is why it is possible for a Christian to command demons to stop their activities and they obey him, since he is above them. Don’t be contented living under the yoke and the bondage of sin that had since been lifted off you. Take the benefit of the finished work on the cross. Accept Jesus today.


Father, thank you for positioning me where you are. I command every foul spirit militating against my well-being to give way now in the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord.

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