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Cry to The Lord

Key verse: Psalms 119:169

Let my cry come near before thee, O LORD: give me understanding according to thy word.

Exodus 3:7-8

The children of Israel were destined to spend four hundred years, being four generations in Egypt according to the word of God. They however did not exit Egypt until after four Hundred and Thirty years, meaning they stayed in the foreign land for thirty more years than necessary. Even at the time they got help for their rescue, they have had to cry to God fervently for God to look down at their affliction and come to their rescue. The Bible did not specify when they started to cry. But because God’s ear is not heavy that He cannot hear, nor His hands shortened that He cannot rescue, it will appear that the period set had very well passed before they started to cry to God and that may be that they realized the specification of God in His word regarding them quite late.

Today, many of us have had to go through some wilderness experience or affliction longer than necessary. That condition will not remain much longer if you will cry unto the Helper of the helpless today to come to your aid. Before you start to cry however, please be mindful of the fact that God will not deny Himself: He will surely respond to your cry if your demand meets His Will and not focused on mundane things intended to satisfy your lust. You therefore need to first have understanding of the Word of God regarding that situation and then cry unto Him in consonance therewith.

Are you apparently barren and like Hannah some other beings are looking down on you? Cry unto the Lord today as you understand His word which says there shall be none barren in the land. He will answer you. Are you having an ailment or disease or earthly doctors have given a negative verdict concerning your health? Cry unto the One who said by His stripes you were healed for His verdict. Are you in debt and undergoing some financial stress or affliction? There is One who affirms in His Word that He teaches you to get wealth. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Silver and gold belongs to Him. Cry to Him today. He has said we should ask and we shall receive. He said we should call upon Him and He will answer us. Failure to receive at this time can only be because we fail to cry to Him in accordance with His Word. Cry to Him today and get rescued from affliction.

Pray: Father, I cry to you today: send help to me to rescue me in my current affliction in the name of Jesus Christ.

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