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Faithful God!

Key verse: 1 Corinthians 1:9

God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

1 Corinthians 1:4-9

From the time man fell in the garden, God planned to save him from the bondage that he put himself because of sin. The Seed of the woman would be in enmity with the old serpent and things would happen between them to bring about salvation. Time went by without this coming to bear, not because the One who promised was unfaithful, but that man may realize the gravity of the bondage he entered that he may value the salvation that would come. Many generations of men came and left wanting to see the salvation of God to no avail. Then, the faithful God brought His only begotten Son into the world to ransom man from the doom prepared for him by the enemy, at which time a few that had been waiting saw the day and rejoiced. By that singular action which culminated in the substituted death of the only begotten of the Father for the sin of man, we became translated by grace to the original provisions of God for man.

Today, as many as believe in the finished work of Christ are brought into fellowship with Him in the manner of bride and groom such that we enjoy the bliss of that which He has done just by believing. Glory be to God! But, many take this grace that brought them to bliss and often fail to believe the Faithful One who first promised it and brought it to pass. It is by God that we are brought into fellowship with Christ. This Christ confirmed by saying no one comes to Him except the same be drawn by the Father. Faithful is He that promised and has brought it to pass. Having fulfilled His age long promises for which evidence abound, we ought also to trust Him to do for us all that He has promised. He promised us life and life more abundantly. He even said He was going away that we may receive the Holy Ghost and, to prepare for us a place so that where He (Christ) is we may be there also. If He did not fail in bringing us into fellowship with Christ like He promised, we need to rest assured that in His faithfulness the other promises will be fulfilled.

The faithful God is coming to put an end to the decadence on earth. It will happen soon. But He will first withdraw the saints to Himself for full fellowship, like He promised. Those that will be so taken shall be in banquet with Him while those that are disqualified would be grinding their axes with the enemy back on earth. Where would you be? Decide for Him today. He would enroll you still.

Pray: Father, please keep me in the list of the saints you will dine with in Jesus name.

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